Cats are lovely animals to have around the house because they provide a bit of companionship and entertainment, but as a cat owner you have to be prepared for the fact that pets inevitably have an impact on hygiene at home. The main issue with cats is that they shed an awful lot of fur and that fur has to go somewhere. Generally speaking, it goes into your carpets and rugs.

Now, you’re in a better position if you have wooden or laminate floors with rugs added for softness and texture than if you have wall to wall carpets because less of that troublesome cat hair sticks around. You can sweep it up regularly and get rid of it.

However, some will cling to the fibres of your rugs so you need to be proactive about cleaning them too. Vacuuming is good because it’s gentle on the fibres of your rugs and it will preserve them better than any more intensive strategy.

Of course, the kind of rugs you guy matters too. Washable rugs are obviously much easier to clean because you can pop them in the washer and they are as good as new after being left to dry.