Modern homes don’t suffer a bit when traditional design flourishes are introduced in order to make them look that little bit richer in terms of style. It’s good to know therefore that really respected designers within the industry still produce stunning examples of traditional rugs. Take Plantation rugs as the perfect example.

The Plantation Rug Company has a great traditional collection, including a set known as Taj Indian rugs. These hand knotted rugs are really high quality and feature all the traditional oriental flourishes you would expect, including a classic Agra design and fringes within a colour palette that is faithful to time-honoured dyeing techniques and traditions.

And how do they fit in with a modern style at home? Perfectly well as long as you are prepared to let them do their thing and don’t stifle them with competing features. They will work beautifully with plain walls, wooden flooring, grand fireplaces and comfortable furniture.

It’s possible to choose from a selection of different colours when shopping for the ideal Taj Indian rug to enrich the space in your home and lift your design to a new level.