When you have a rectangular rug placed in the centre of a rectangular room and surrounded by bits of furniture, the linear arrangement can sometimes feel a little bit too much can’t it? Too many straight lines can be a bit overwhelming and they can sap a little energy out of the interior design of the living room, especially when you factor in square coffee tables and other square features like TVs and picture frames!

If it seems like everything’s just a little bit too square then why not choose a rug with a curvilinear design or one that incorporates lots of circles into its patterning? Rug designers are good at mixing things up in this capacity.

You only need to look at the patterns in the Graphic Illusions collection by Nourison Rugs to see how circles and ellipses can be used to prevent the look of a room feeling too square and consequently too static.

The way the circles are used in the Nourison collection gives the room a sense of vitality and flux, especially when colour is used to support this bold and interesting approach.