Modern homemakers are really drawn by contemporary attitudes to design. They like things to seem clean, cool, uncluttered and simple. At the same time, they do appreciate a few flourishes in terms of design and they want to see splashes of colour that bring the room to life.

It’s important to recognise that you can achieve that cool contemporary look by simplifying the shell of the room – by painting the walls white and by introducing clean wooden floors or laminates. Then all you have to do to get the colour and the accent is to populate that blank space with stylish bits and pieces.

The Orla Kiely rugs selection (pictured above) demonstrate how multiple coloured accents can be added to a room that has a plain and modern shell to give it that little lift. The colour reinforces the modern aesthetic but it brings off a cuter, more interesting and warmer effect. Since multiple colours are used in the pattern of the rug, a whole host of different coloured features like cushions can be used alongside complementary items of furniture and wall art.