In the world of fashion, stripes are used in very creative ways. For instance, people often wear downward stripes as a means of lending them the illusion of extra height – of making their bodies or legs seem longer to onlookers. Stripes definitely have that interesting psychological effect, but it’s not only in fashion that they can be used so creatively.

Stripes can also be used very creatively in home design. Hardwood floorboards and laminate floorboards often make rooms seem longer because they create natural stripes across the length of a room. However, rugs can be used to do a similar thing. Horizontal stripes help to give the illusion of width in a room. Stripes that run lengthwise often make rooms seem longer.

This is to say nothing of the aesthetically pleasing effect of a variety of colours set out in attractive stripes – the way they brighten up a room and make it more stylish and more interesting. If you are looking to create the illusion of space in a room and you want to do so stylishly, it’s worth looking for modern rugs designed with striped patterns.