With energy bills increasing nearly 54% last year alone, and with further increases estimated, it’s important to ensure your home is running in the most efficient way possible. Most importantly, using rugs to help you save on energy bills.

For those with wooden, tiled or linoleum floors – a lot of heat can be lost through their lack of insulating properties. If you live in a flat, you may turn your heating up and see a lot of this heat lost through the floor and see no benefits from it, merely money lost.

Why Choose Rugs To Reduce Energy Costs

With increasing costs, it’s understandable that the high one-off cost of installing carpeting can be an expensive one. Alternatively, if you rent your flat this may not even be a possibility.

A rug or runner is a great way to help save on energy bills when you may not have a huge amount of expendable income or other options. It’s also a temporary option. Meaning in the summer months you can swap it out to allow the heat to escape – when you want it to.

Opting for a rug to help insulate your home can help to reduce your energy bills by anywhere up to 10%. Which is a significant saving with the cost of living increasing along with inflation. Choosing rugs carefully to be the best for your home and the most insulating material can increase the comfort of your home while softening the stress of rising bills.

Wool Rugs

When it comes to choosing a fibre that is insulating, wool is the best option for doing just that. A natural fibre, wool is dense and has thermal properties. Keeping your home warm in winter and cooler in the summer. 

Wool is a great insulator as its dense nature means it holds tiny air pockets, slowing the transfer of heat. 

One of our bestselling wool rugs is the Wilhemina rug by design house Morris & Co.

William Morris rug on floor of a bedroom in florals as a winter rugs to help you save on energy bills

This is a luxury piece that will add true artistry to your home, while also increasing the insulation of your home. With four different sizes, you can choose a rug to suit your home and needs.

If you’re looking for a piece that is more likely to blend into your current home decor, a style like this Cantaloupe wool rug will add a subtle yet modern touch.

A cut out image of a beige floral tapestry wool rug

Hand-tufted in India using pure, new wool. This is a piece that is plush and soft underfoot while adding a distinct layer of warmth and insulation. Helping you save on energy bills, while adding a designer feel to your interiors.

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Thick Pile Rugs

Although wool is the fibre that holds the best insulating properties, it does come at a price. It is an investment piece, and one that will serve you well. However, if you’re working on a budget – it may not be the best option for you and your home.

That being said, choosing rugs with synthetic fibres can still add a lot of warmth to your home. Opting for other properties such as a thick pile can see a cheaper option of rug add the same level of insulation to your home.

A thick and dense pile will create a level of warmth underfoot, and a layer of insulation to a flooring. This Boho rug in beige is another of our favourite pieces. 

Thick pile criss cross boho rug in cream and black on a wooden floor in a living room

Similarly as a thick coat or jumper, the thick pile of this rug traps air which helps to keep the heat in. In a chic and minimal way, the geometric patterns of this rug will lend itself easily to most decors.

If you want a slightly more plush version, opt for a faux sheepskin style, which can be found in our Faux Fur collection, which are all invitingly soft to the touch.

Faux Fur

Environmentally friendly in how it will reduce your energy output, and also as a synthetic version it contains no animal product. Meaning this is a great choice when it comes to rugs to help you save on energy bills and create a more eco-friendly home.

See the top five ways of styling faux fur rugs here.

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Hall Runners

If you have a larger home, or a flat with an expansive layout, you’ll know that the corridors are often spaces in your home that stay cool. Hallways between core rooms aren’t often heated particularly well. This is due to them being open spaces and the need for heating in these rooms is lower as you spend less time here.

However, when moving from room to room or simply leaving a door open for a few minutes can see the heat escape into these lost spaces. This significantly reduces the efficiency of heating your home.

Which is where runners come into play. These often narrow spaces need a solution beyond a rug, but require a level of insulation. Especially hallways that have a hard floor.

Choose a style like this Brittany Flatweave Runner, for a unique and modern style that will add a touch of design and warmth to your corridors.

Often with hallway runners, it’s recommended to opt for flat weave styles. This is because corridors are high traffic areas, meaning they are faced with a lot of footfall. 

However, for an insulating style it’s better to choose a style that is thicker, like this rug made from 100% polypropylene pile. Polypropylene is a durable and hard-wearing style. Enabling you to choose a runner that will withstand footfall while offering a thicker pile to save on energy bills.

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Large Rugs

To choose an insulating rug, as well as the fibre it’s important to think of the room you’re looking to use the rug for. If you have a larger space, you’ll require a larger rug to cover hard flooring as much as possible.

Similarly, if you’re opting for a rug as a cheaper alternative to carpet, you can opt for a large area rug that can reach across your room to cover any hard flooring.

It may seem obvious, but the larger space that is covered, the less heat is able to escape and the more energy you are able to conserve.

A style like this Aurora cloud rug is an abstract style offering a thick pile.

grey cloud rug in a close up shot in a bedroom space

In a super soft 65% polyester and 35% polypropylene mix, this rug offers warmth and style for your home.

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Budget Friendly Rugs

Last but in no means least is the budget friendly rugs. With the cost of living soaring, it may be that you don’t have a huge amount left each month to spend on a luxury wool rug.

A rug covering hard flooring will add insulation no matter the fibre or size. Choosing a thicker pile and larger surface area will be most cost-effective. But choosing a rug will help to save on energy bills regardless.

For an affordable wool rug, try this Mineral Cobble Wool rug, with a 100% wool pile for under £200.

This is a style that will add insulation and comfort to your home, without breaking the bank. In a contemporary shade, this will work well with nearly all interior styles.

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So will you be investing this winter in rugs to help you save on energy bills? If you want even more inspiration, check out our guide on environmentally ways to keep warm this winter, for more tips and tricks to making your home efficient.

Let us know if you’d like any more suggestions on interior tweaks to make your home more efficient and cost-effective.