The subject of texture is sometimes overlooked when it comes to shopping for a really nice rug. People get very hung up on colour and pattern and forget about thickness and texture at the time. As important as colour and pattern obviously are, it’s vital to think about texture as well. Not all rugs have the same thickness or weave.

It’s always worth considering flat-woven rugs like Kilim rugs as well as shaggy rugs and other thicker varieties. They have a different texture that often makes a really positive difference. If you are trying to add colour and style to a room but you don’t want to create a fluffy, cosy aesthetic then Kilim rugs represent the sensible choice.

It’s amazing how different a flat-woven rug can be to a thicker rug in terms of how much it encroaches on the room. Even though Kilim rugs take up as much surface area of the floor as other rugs, the fact that they have a lower profile and sit closer to the floor means they are sometimes less intrusive whatever patterns they feature – and designers often go to town with their designs, producing some truly wonderful examples.