It’s tough finding the right colour of rug for your living room. It’s often the case that you want a lovely rich and deep tone that calls to mind a real sense of luxury, but you want something quite colourful and vibrant too. Striking the right balance isn’t easy, but one colour seems to meet all the necessary requirements: purple.

Purple is a lot of people’s favourite colour. Why? Largely because it’s so psychologically appealing – it somehow manages to be bright and colourful at the same time as being deep and rich. It can be used to bring off a very sophisticated effect that is not at odds with a comfortable aesthetic. Purple rugs are the ideal bridge between high style and homeliness.

Rug designers are well aware of the power of purple rugs. That’s why they produce all their ranges in purple varieties, whether they are traditional rugs, modern rugs, shaggy rugs, round rugs, plain rugs or flat-woven rugs. Purple rugs are available with geometric and curvilinear patterns and in an assortment of different textures, so it’s easy to fit one into your interior plans for the living room.