The party season has just about started, but there’s still time to kit your house out with some great rugs for a good old shindig. If you’re planning to have people over on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Eve then you’ll need to whip the house into shape for a proper party and rugs always play a part.

So, if you’re thinking of ‘cutting some rug’ this year then you’ll need some floor coverings you can throw some serious shapes on. We’ve picked our favourite vibrant rugs that will help add to the party atmosphere.

Colourful carpets

One of the most important features of a good party rug is colour. That’s why we love the Trendy Line range which mixes bold modern motifs with vibrant colour palettes to great effect. It’s all about trying to instil that party atmosphere into your interior design. The more colour the better for these extravagant pieces.

However, there’s a great alternative in the Ikat rugs range which fuse really bold modern colours with more traditional patterning – ideal if you want the colour but prefer an oriental twist.

Twisting texture

Speaking of a twist, it’s always nice to be able to pull out your best twisting moves on the dance floor and for that you need as little friction underfoot as possible. That’s why these natural fibre rugs appeal. Sisal and jute rugs are arguably the best and they’ll certainly take the wear no matter how hot your moves are!

Leather rugs might afford you a decent texture for dancing on too and you’re not limited to hides – leather rugs are available in cool contemporary designs as well.

Washable wonders

Now, you can’t rule out the possibility that all of that dancing will cause spillages. After all, your guests are likely to try and throw shapes while wielding a flute of champers on New Year’s Eve. As such, washable rugs might be a good idea, even if you’ve got a shoes-off policy for the night.

You don’t have to sacrifice colour though, as the Romany washable rug collection proves. If you prefer more modern and vibrant rugs that you can still pop in the washing machine the morning after, then the Matrix washable rug collection may be a better choice with its focus on very contemporary motifs and patterns.

Slip sliding away

You don’t want too many tumbles on the night of your party so consider some anti-slip rug underlay for underneath your rugs. This is a great addition because it helps keep your rooms neat and square even when you’re boogying the evening away with friends and family.