Smooth floor coverings are really fashionable. The most common floor coverings people use at home are tiles (usually for kitchen and bathroom areas), laminate flooring and exposed wooden floors if they are treated and finished appropriately. All these types of floors are very easy to clean which makes them very convenient but their neatness also appeals as far as uncomplicated design is concerned.

If you are shopping for rugs to go with smooth floors then you’ll find all sorts of options available. The great thing about smooth floors is they look modern when decorated with modern rugs but they can look rustic and traditional when decorated with traditional rugs. That versatility is key.

Of course, there is the danger that when you place rugs around the house on very smooth floor coverings you are simply creating loads of slipping hazards on hard surfaces. That’s not exactly what you want, but rather than resisting the temptation to put stylish rugs down in each room, it’s far more sensible to get hold of anti-slip rug underlay that actually does the job of holding the rugs in place.