August is a time when a lot of people get married because they want to make the most of the summer months. If you are stuck for a wedding gift for a couple getting married this summer then you might want to think about things for the home.

Rugs represent really good wedding gifts because they are quite expensive and they make a massive difference to the home setup. As such, you can do the happy couple a real favour by getting hold of a designer rug for the living room or a shaggy rug for the bedroom. These rugs have real power to impress.

A word of warning: you must make sure that you know the couple’s tastes in designer rugs because you don’t want to get them such a brilliant and lasting gift and make a mistake. It’s easiest to buy for family members and very close friends because you know the kind of styles that speak to them and that sum up their attitude to design in the best way.

When you get rugs right as a wedding gift, they are among the most thoughtful presents around.