Sometimes the vast range of rugs on the market still doesn’t quite cater for your particular requirements. When you are absolutely certain of the colours, patterns and dimensions required to make your rug fit perfectly into your vision of a given room, it’s very hard to settle for something that falls short in even one area.

This is why custom rugs are such a good idea. They put you back in control of your interior design and free you from having to make compromises. Rugs are often praised for their ability to impress a theme or style on a whole room, but this is only of benefit to you if the rug is exactly as you picture it in your mind.

Since it takes a slice of luck to find a rug like that in the right size already available, customised versions are an excellent alternative if your search comes up with nothing suitable. Then you can determine all the specs that combine to make the ideal rug for your living space. The result will perfectly match your vision, satisfying the ultimate aim for most design savvy homemakers!