Nothing quite makes an impression in a large living room than a fantastic rug. Large rugs have the power to completely transform a space, boosting your interior design and tying the entire room together with the perfect colour palette and intricacy of pattern. But how do you choose the best large rug for the job?

Well, most homemakers shop by style. This makes a lot of sense because rugs, despite their softness and luxurious textures, are primarily design pieces – they set the style of the space they are laid in. This is even more the case for the larger rugs on the market.

So the first thing you need to do is start discussing styles. Are you after something modern or something traditional? Do you want a vintage rug to fit in with a contemporary approach to retro style or do you want something understated that will offset your wall art and other bits and pieces. Do you want lots of colour or just a little? Once you’ve answered these questions you can narrow your search according to materials, textures, piles and so on.