If you are a big fan of rugs then the Carpet Museum of Iran is the Holy Grail because of its unbelievable collection of rugs and carpets dating from the 1700s right through to modern designs. However, you don’t have to make the trip to the Middle East in order to see some fabulous examples of traditional rug design.

The V&A Museum in London also has a wonderful collection of rugs that are well worth checking out, particularly if you are into traditional rugs and you are keen on learning about textiles, upholstery and the work of master craftsmen in this specialist area. Rugs have long been used as status symbols, works of art and examples of great interior design, so it’s nice to see a range of different styles from through the ages.

Of course, you can use visits to museums like the V&A as inspiration for your own rug search if you are looking for something new to brighten up the house or give it a particularly look. There’s nothing quite like exposing yourself to plenty of choice when it comes to examining the different options that might have a positive effect on your interiors.