Great design in the home often relies on a bit of input from expert designers. However, that doesn’t mean getting people in to make choices for you when it comes to materials, layout, furniture and so on. It just means shopping in the right place for those really impressive pieces that lift the design more than everything else.

Just take a look at the range of Noble House rugs out there for a great example of design in action. The designers at Noble House are brilliant at producing stunning designs using different colour palettes that are fabulously effective when it comes to stamping a bit of cool originality onto a space, raising the game of your interior design in an instant without you having to put any work in beyond using your good taste to find the ideal carpet.

The trick is knowing what will work best from the Noble House collection in the room you are decorating. You have two options, either to decorate the room around a rug or to pick a rug that complements the work you’ve already done. This is a matter of instinct but fortunately the range is big enough to give you plenty of choice whatever strategy you adopt!