It’s difficult to know how you can get creative with some of the basic elements of good design in a domestic environment. Rug designers are very good at producing patterns that adhere to really interesting styles and trends, but the Hong Kong collection actually goes one step further when it comes to originality: the team is now making the shape of rugs a feature.

Most rugs are either round or rectangular. This is because these shapes fit the standards when it comes to open spaces in rooms. However, there’s no reason why homeowners shouldn’t go for something a little different. The trick is finding a collection that caters for them.

Hong Kong rugs are ideal in this respect. The design team has recently launched a new butterfly range. All the rugs in the collection have the features you’d expect of high quality rugs. They are thick and luxurious, made to last and available in a wide range of colours. The only difference is that they come in the shape of a butterfly! Just the ticket is if you fancy setting your interior design apart!