The UK is in the grip of a heat wave and for a lot of people that means a welcome chance to enjoy the garden! It’s lovely to be able to spend time in the garden and actually make the most of the hard work you’ve done in terms of planting and landscaping it to your taste. That’s why patio areas, decking and other seating areas are so nice – they form a lovely retreat outdoors where you can eat, socialise and relax.

However, it’s important to make those outdoor seating areas as comfortable as possible. If you are going to use them as much as you would use your interior living spaces then you need to think of comfort as the chief priority. It’s hard to find outdoor furniture that’s as comfortable as indoor lounge furniture, but you can look elsewhere for inspiration.

Lots of people use washable rugs and versatile indoor/outdoor rugs on their patios and their decking because they set up more of a lounge feel to seating spaces. They’re easy to maintain so they represent the ideal addition to a garden that is just perfect for sitting out in during a heat wave!