Laminate flooring is really popular at the moment. You can’t help but get the impression that the UK is finally catching up with the rest of Europe when it comes to floor coverings, resisting the urge to introduce wall to wall carpets that are actually pretty hard to clean and maintain and that don’t do anything to discourage house dust or promote a healthy environment in the home.

A more progressive approach is to kit the house out with laminate flooring which can be swept and cleaned really easily and then to re-introduce softness to the room by using attractive rugs. It doesn’t so much matter whether you are primarily interested in traditional rugs or modern rugs as long as you get the effect that appeals to your own sense of taste.

The relationship between quality rugs and laminate flooring is a really strong one. Looking after a rug is very easy – it takes seconds to run the vacuum cleaner over it – and the overall effect is of a clean and tasteful interior environment that is nevertheless really stylish thanks to the creative skills of rug designers.