The period between winter and spring is one of those interesting transitional pseudo-seasons that has its own unique feel. It’s positive in the sense that temperatures are rising and the days are getting a bit longer and brighter. However, the traditional British springtime is not exactly glorious in terms of the weather – it rains an awful lot and those temperature increases are hardly meteoric.

As such, you have to think of this transitional period as a standalone season and that means finding the right rugs to match the conditions and your attitude at this time of year.

So, you need rugs that help usher in a brighter and more positive time of year – a period that’s all about renewal and colour but that’s nevertheless fresher than it is sultry and wetter outside than it is dry.

Here are some of the best rugs on the market for saying a long-awaited farewell to the winter season and a tentative hello to spring.

Flokati rugs

Flokati rugs

What do you think of when you imagine springtime? Most people in this country think of fresh pastures and lambs in rural Britain, among other things. The attractive thing about flokati rugs is that they are made from excellent quality wool that calls to mind the softness and luxuriousness of that bucolic scenery.

They have a really gorgeous texture and they are warm enough to ward off the slight chill that remains as we approach spring, without being so warm as to make living spaces feel stifling as the weather improves.

Sisal, jute and hemp rugs

Sisal, jute and hemp rugs

Since springtime has such a back-to-nature feel about it, it makes sense to invest in some natural fibre rugs for the season. The most popular natural materials woven into attractive rugs for the purposes of interior design are sisal, jute and hemp. They are all a touch coarser than the soft wool rugs and synthetic shaggy rugs you might find alongside them, but they are still warm and comfortable and their coarseness only adds to their durability and natural appeal.

Often found in neutral colours, natural rugs make a great addition to the home when winter’s time is up and spring is slowly burgeoning.

Pastel colours

Pastel rugs

Think about the colours of spring. What do you see? The delicate tints of blossom on the trees; the light blue of a fresh but brightly sunny sky – there’s a definite pastel theme about the picture. This is why pastel colours make such a positive introduction to the home when springtime is on the way. They help to conjure the right sort of image associated with the season.

Fortunately, lots of rugs are available in pastel colours, including flokati rugs and other warm varieties with deep, soft piles. This means you can readily sum up the character of spring with your rug selection at the same time as making sure that you stave off what’s left of the chill.