Stripes-GreenNow that spring has arrived there are a lot of people who will be looking to transform their homes in order to banish dark colours and inject some light and energy into their living space.

Spots and stripes are a major trend at the moment and are unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon. Whether you’re looking to create a style that’s pretty and vintage or bright and quirky is up to you as spots and stripes are exceptionally versatile and will fit in just about anywhere.

What do they represent?

Spots and stripes represent strong feelings, boldness and creativity and, depending on how they’re used, can make a space look delightfully chic or fun and zesty.

If elegance is what you’re going for then stripes should definitely be the basis of your design as the strong, neat lines, combined with the right colours, create a real pretty and vintage atmosphere. Spots on the other hand are much more fun and funky because of their shape. Curves are considered to be much softer than straight lines and although this can be the case be aware that spots can be harder to pair with other patterns.

Getting the ‘decorator’ look

Regardless of whether or not you opt for tone on tone classic colours like grey, or a mixture of brighter, fun colours such as lime green, orange, pink and yellow when decorating with stripes, they will instantly bring order to your space and leave a professional finish.

A lot of people choose not to use stripes or spots on walls because of fears that it will make the space too busy. However, they are both a hit when it comes to accessorising. Stripes are a particular favourite because they can be combined with pretty much any other colours or patterns which means that they look great everywhere.

Both stripes and spots look great on anything, sheets, cushions, rugs, lampshades, dishes and beddings can all be found with all kinds of funky patterns on them.

Rugs are a particular favourite for accessorising a space because they bring colour, style and warmth. Rugs are an exceptionally versatile accessory which, providing you choose one of good quality, will look like new for years.

When choosing a rug it’s imperative to consider the features that are most important to you. Is it solely colour and style that you’re interested in or do you want to retain a little warmth in your living space just in case spring and summer temperatures don’t live up to expectations?

Essentially, many rugs will do both and will completely transform your home while also providing the comfort and warmth that’s essential for any living space. This rug, for example, has a thick woollen pile of the highest quality which will maintain the warmth in your living room while the stripes and cool, spring-inspired tones will create a fresh and bright, but also stylish, look for summer. Alternatively, if you really want to inject some colour to your living space then consider this wool rug with summer stripes.

Tips for accessorising with spots and stripes

If you’re still a little unsure about using such bold patterns in your home then bear these rules in mind to ensure you make the most of the space you have available.

  • If you’re limited to a small area then, regardless of whether you’re using spots or stripes, make sure you choose accessories that incorporate bold colours. If you’re unsure about the effect that it’ll have then consider applying the rule to a hallway or cloakroom before your living area.
  • Although stripes and spots make for great patterned accessories, be careful not to go overboard. If you’ve got a striped rug, lampshade and cushions then don’t use striped wallpaper on your walls because the look will be overpowering.
  • Accessories that have stripes of different widths – for example a rug with thin stripes and cushions with thick – work really well and create an energetic playful look.

If you’re nervous about accessorising with such bold designs then start small. Include just one or two understated accessories to begin with and continue to introduce more throughout the year.