Family life is always busy and it’s often pretty hard to keep the house clean when so much is going on around you. Even when everyone knuckles down to help, family homes necessarily take huge amounts of maintenance, so it’s good to know that there are rugs and other decorative elements out there that are low maintenance and that can be used to make homes look great.

The most important quality of rugs in the most active parts of family homes is durability. Rugs have to be hard wearing to deal with family life and the comings and goings of children, pets and visitors. This is why kitchen rugs are so successful. It’s also why washable rugs are a crucial advantage for parents.

Rugs like these not only withstand constant use. They can also be put in the washing machine when they need to be revived and they need little in the way of careful maintenance. They represent one thing less to worry about in a life that is full of little concerns and an endless list of jobs to do!