Rugs are being used in the garden more commonly these days. Homemakers often concentrate on creating lovely little seating areas in their gardens using bistro sets, outdoor lounge sets and other items of furniture. Outdoor rugs represent the icing on the cake in this sort of arrangement. So how do you maintain your outdoor rugs to keep them looking great?

It’s best to keep rugs rolled up in a dark place when they are not in use because this prevents the colours bleaching due to natural light. But when they are out bringing a bit of extra colour and soft texture to your garden seating areas, it’s important that you follow some care tips.

First of all, try not to expose them to too much in the way of foot traffic – shoes-off policy around your rugs is the best approach even if they are hardwearing outdoor rugs.

You should make sure that you bring your rugs in every time you leave the house and overnight in case of unexpected downpours.

Additionally, you should think about getting hold of washable rugs that you can clean yourself. They are likely to get dirtier than your indoor rugs and the last thing you want is to have to take them to the dry cleaners time and time again.