Art prints are a fantastic way of making your house or flat more interesting, more colourful, more inviting and more personal. However, some rooms just don’t accommodate art prints because they don’t allow you enough wall space. This is a common situation in conservatories where all the walls are actually windows and in rooms where doorways, shelving windows, furniture and other features leave you with nowhere to hang a picture.

So do you have to abandon all those great effects that come from hanging wall art in your room? It’s not as dramatic a situation as that. In fact, you can get exactly the same positive effects from laying the right rug in your room.

Some rugs, like traditional rugs and shaggy rugs, are great for creating atmosphere, but the more modern rugs out there may be a touch more pictorial which gives you the opportunity to create atmosphere at the same time as introducing colour, making a statement about your tastes and turning the space into a more interesting part of the house or flat. Definitely worth considering if wall art isn’t an option.