There’s already a bit of autumn in the air and the climate is definitely changing. Fortunately, this year the transition into autumn will be quite a welcome one for people in the UK, because we’ve actually had a great summer and the new season offers a chance to enjoy being warm indoors and watching the changing landscape outside.

Of course, the chillier autumn temperatures do mean that you have to make sure your home really does provide that lovely warm atmosphere, otherwise the transition might just feel cold and inhospitable. Rugs are a good way of making the interiors of your home more equipped to offer a comfortable treat from the autumn winds and the darker evenings.

So what kind of rugs are the best for the autumn? Well, it totally depends on your attitude to colour and design. Brighter colours tend to be warmer but you might enjoy cooler shades in the sense that they put you in mind of the colder conditions that you are protected from by being indoors.

Perhaps it’s more a question of texture – the thicker, fluffier and fuller the rugs in your home, the warmer they are likely to be, so shaggy rugs, wool rugs and pelts are probably the most seasonal choices.