There are plenty of different types of rugs on the market that you can get hold of in order to make your interiors look a bit brighter, a bit more vibrant and a bit more comfortable. Choosing the right rugs for your house totally depends on your personal tastes and the type of decorative scheme you’re trying to reinforce, so make sure that you look at all the different options out there. This article and the following article just provide some background into the varieties you are likely to come across when shopping.

Traditional rugs

Traditional rugs are lovely because they feature such time-honoured motifs. They are rich and luxurious and often have fantastic patterning that is very delicate. It’s only natural that people associate traditional rugs with the history of Europe and the Middle East – the motifs and designs often call to mind exploration and the décor of palaces and stately homes.

Modern rugs

Modern rugs make use of more modern approaches to design and they are often influenced by more modern movements in the art world. Resisting more traditional motifs, modern rugs are often less complicated in terms of patterning but they are frequently nice and bright instead. Modern techniques offer something much different to the traditional when it comes to rugs.