Winter Interior Decor Tips

Your guide to combating cabin fever with a comfy, chic interior this winter

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Like groundhogs, we like to burrow deep in our snug dens during the year’s harsher months. Winter is a season for wool sweaters, warm beverages and chimney fires. ‘Tis the season to have no qualms about spending entire days under a cosy blanket, nor a shred of remorse about avoiding the chilly reality on the other side of our curtains.

It’s a blessed time to catch up on those books we didn’t quite find time to read during the warmer months. A time to take up knitting or playing board games. A time to spend at home. And the perfect opportunity to decorate! Here are our ten tips to transform your home into a beautiful and cosy burrow this winter, allowing you to hibernate in a comfy cocoon of serenity.

The living room

A cuddly oasis of comfort

1. Surround yourself with bright colours

The living room really sets the tone for the winter season. It’s a place to snuggle up with a good read or relax with a good glass of red. Pick colours that will add some warmth to the room, avoiding brighter tones. You can’t go wrong with neutral, camaieu tones such as beige and chestnut, or colours like ochre and terracotta to get that proverbial fire burning. And, if you happen to be the lucky owner of an actual fireplace, why not get the flames crackling away too? The room will be transformed into a retreat you’ll never want to leave.

2. Wrap yourself in softness

The heart of any living room? Well, that’d have to be the sofa, of course! Whether you’re re-reading The Handmaid’s Tale or flicking through Cosmo, seeing Leo & Kate’s love blossom or binge-watching the latest series of Black Mirror, the sofa is the place to be. And your comfort should be an absolute priority—that means piles of cushions, heaps of blankets or a stylish throw. The only danger? Never leaving the couch ever again.

3. Walk on clouds

No one wants a runny nose and chesty cough. So, roll out the carpet and keep those feet warm—find a rug that matches your new living room colour scheme and walk on clouds. And because it’s better to be safe than sorry, you might as well add some socks and slippers to the mix. Strutting around your home has never been so comfortable.

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The bedroom

Your cocoon of hibernation

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4. Sweet dreams are made of these

After a summer spent at beaches, festivals and parks, your bedroom once more becomes your burrow during the year’s colder months. It’s a place to recharge your batteries, but also to spend lazy Sunday mornings lounging around with coffee in bed. The perfect recipe for your beauty sleep? Bed covers that invite you to dream, complete with a mountain of comfy cushions, of course!

5. Play with the light

Brightness can add a touch of warm ambience to your bedroom. By playing with it, you can transform your bedroom into a cosy cave of dreams. Let in as many of those natural rays as possible during the day. At night, dim the switch, turn on some fairy lights and scatter some candles around the room—or even the whole house. Not only will they give off warmth, but scented candles can also add a lovely aroma.

6. Grow your urban jungle

Can’t sleep with the window open to let in some fresh O2? Opt for this simple but effective solution: Giant monsteras, cactus flowers or succulents add a touch of greenery to your interior and purify the air. Even if the world outside feels like a distant ice planet, exotic plants help you drift into slumberland dreaming of warmer worlds. For an aromatic atmosphere try adding jasmine, eucalyptus or lavender plants.

The Bathroom

Foamy baths and steamy showers

7. Run yourself a bubble bath

The scene is set: relaxing music emanates from your stereo, candles are lit, the bath is at the perfect temperature—37° Celsius—and the foam is plentiful. After a long stroll through the hostile outside world and its freezing temperatures, you’ve been dreaming of precisely this moment. It’s time to let yourself go and bathe in bubbles. If you’re more of a shower person, then treat yourself to the luxury of a hot, steamy downpour. Complete, of course, with a beautiful backdrop in the form of a stylish shower curtain.

8. Give aromatherapy a try

If you haven’t gotten into this trend yet, then it’s about time. Transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa with the help of scented candles and an essential oils diffuser. By pouring a few drops of your favourite aroma into your bath, or by activating a diffuser half an hour before your ritual is scheduled to begin, you can devote yourself to the rest of your winter wellness routine—moisturising your cold-bruised skin or applying a relaxation mask. As a finishing touch, wrap yourself in a soft and stylish towel.

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The Kitchen

The aroma of steamy teas and winter stews fills the room

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9. Hot drinks. Everywhere.

Whether your cup of choice is an Earl Grey, hot chocolate, herbal tea or a classic coffee, your winter well-being depends on the contents of your mug. Morning, noon and evening—it’s always the right time for a warming chalice of winter elixir. Stock up on tea bags, seeds, leaves and ginger, stored beautifully in jars and boxes to adorn your kitchen.

10. Fill up on comfort food

There are really two schools of thought when it comes to winter cuisine. The first savours time to indulge in the art of cooking—they try out new recipes that are as ambitious as they are delicious. The second favours deliveries and takeaways, to be gorged upon from the comfort of their couch. Whichever camp you’re in, one thing’s for sure—it’s a time for hot soups, saucy dishes and Grandma’s recipes. Not to mention chocolate, of course. Lots of chocolate. After all, it is winter—you’ve practically earned it.

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Make your winter home cosy

Updated October 2021