How to Incorporate Spring Into Your Home

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After such a long and snowy winter, it is our pleasure to be able to finally write a post about Spring! While every change of season seems to (temporarily) ignite the desire for a fresh start, it seems to be more prevalent when it comes to spring.

As the temperature (ever so gradually) increases, so too does the need to transform your home in preparation of the warm months ahead.

We’re here to help you add some bloom into your home just in time for the new season, so let’s get started on revolutionising your home for the Springtime!

Feed the Birds

bird eating bird food from a bird feeder

When it comes to Spring, one thing that is unmissable is the chirping birds that seem to appear out of nowhere! With that being said, how could we forget about our feathered friends this Springtime!?

Why not let them hang around by hanging up a simple bird feeder? A bird feeder is a perfect way to do your bit for the environment, and is also excellent as it helps to bring wildlife closer to your home!

DIY Bird Feeder

Maybe you WANT a bird feeder, but you don’t want to buy one. Or maybe you just have a creative spark in you? If you agreed with either of those things then it sounds like you need to make a DIY bird feeder!

You can make a DIY bird feeder out of plenty of things ranging from bottles or even yoghurt pots. If you want to make your own but you’re not sure how to, follow the instructions on how to make a recycled bird feeder!

Don’t Forget the Flowers

spring flowers on a table

Spring is well known for flowers with many flowers blooming around this time. To make your home truly Spring themed, you cannot go without flowers!

Spending a couple of pounds a week on fresh flowers is an incredibly effective way of bringing Spring into your home as well as brightening up your home!  After a long, bleak Winter, it truly helps to infuse a sense of ‘life’ into your every day.

different types of spring flowers

There are many flowers associated with Spring, with the main ones being Tulips (left) Daffodils (centre) and Bluebells (right) being the most common.

Bluebells spend most of the year as bulbs underground only emerging to flower and leaf from April onwards with Daffodils also blooming in March and April and Tulips beginning at the end of March.

Hanging Baskets

hanging baskets

Another way you could bring flowers and ultimately spring into your home is the use of hanging baskets. Hanging baskets are an excellent way to make a Springtime statement and the only difference between indoor and outdoor hanging baskets is that you’d need a self-watering basket.

another triple photo of hanging baskets

Hanging baskets for the indoors usually have two basket layers so your water drains into the bottom layer without leaking onto your floor. Use bright contrasting florals which make a statement to really bring Spring into your home! This is the perfect way to create a leafy oasis in your own home!

Start a Mini Indoor Herb Garden

different herbs in a homemade herb garden

Do you like chopped parsley on your new potatoes? Or maybe coriander in your couscous? If you like the sound of either these, an indoor herb garden could be your thing! If you’ve never grown herbs before, the recommended ones to grow for beginners are Parsley, Thyme and Basil.

indoor herb garden

Not only do herb gardens smell amazing, much like the addition of fresh flowers, but they also help to further add a sense of life into your home. The best part of having your own indoor herb garden? It’s extremely satisfying to be able to whip up a meal with the help of some of your very own home-grown vegetation!

Incorporate New Scents

5 different scents of candles

Now that Winter is over, you can swap out all of your Christmassy candles – there’s no need for your mulled wine or spiced apple candles anymore. Don’t throw them away though as you’ll be able to use them again when the Winter months roll back around!

It’s time to switch up into Spring mode with scents such as clean cotton or Garden type scents like lavender. Flower, fruit and ocean-inspired scents are also perfect for bringing the freshness of the outdoors, inside!

Decorate Your Door

newly painted door

In Winter, a lot of people tend to decorate their doors with Christmas wreaths, but what’s the Spring alternative? While it isn’t exactly a direct alternative, painting your door is a nice way to welcome the Springtime. Obviously it’s rather an expensive thing to do, but remember that a little paint goes a long way!

newly painted door for spring

Greet your guests with a freshly painted, vibrant front door. Think poppy red, a bright shade of coral or even a more subdued teal. Bonus: it increases curb appeal and is a welcome sight when you return home each evening!

Redecorate Your Interior

newly decorated spring interior

With Winter now over, it’s time to change up your interior! Put the thick and heavy fabrics away and swap them out for thinner, lighter materials. It’s time to take down your heavy wool curtains, velvet toss cushions and that thick old throw that you love.

newly decorated spring interior

Instead, try to incorporate natural materials such as cotton, linen and other light and bright materials to complete the Spring interior. The best part is that when it gets to Winter, your decor will feel brand new with the addition of your old Winter materials months down the line!

Add Colour

different spring colours

While on the topic of interior redecoration, it’s worth talking about colour. Colour in interior designs changes across seasons with Winter usually featuring Golds Reds and Whites. When it comes to Spring however, the colours are very different.

orange/pink interior

Light shades of Orange, Yellow, Blue, Pink and Purple are all perfect colours for the Spring so make sure to try to bring them into your home!  Whether it’s in the form of a new toss cushion, changing your artwork or buying a new book for the coffee table, introduce something new to bring the Spring feeling into your home.

Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning graphic the rug seller

When it comes to Spring, there is one thing that you can’t avoid. Spring cleaning!

Some of us love it, and some of us loathe it, but it needs to be done! Spring cleaning is one of the most well-known traditions with it taking place in many households across the world.

cleaning utensils

Get your cleaning tools out and go for it! Get some good old-fashioned spring cleaning done, tidying up your home and open the windows to let some fresh spring air and sunlight in. When you’re finished cleaning, treat yourself (and your home!) to a pretty vase full of fresh spring flowers. The perfect finishing touch to your freshly cleaned spring ready home!

Rearrange Your Furniture

people rearranging their furniture

If you don’t want to use your time on cleaning up, you could try rearranging your furniture!  Rearranging furniture is the ultimate no-cost decorating tip is to rearrange the entire look of a room. Moving your furniture around will result in an extremely quick update for the season and will make you feel like you’ve got a brand-new room!  All of this just from moving your furniture around!

Prepare Your Garden

lawn mower cutting the grass

Now that Winter is over, it’s time to perfect your garden. If you’re anything like me, your garden may – or may not – be an overgrown mess that you desperately need to sort out. Dig out and dust off your old lawn mower and start cutting the grass. Not only will it make your garden look nice, but the smell of freshly cut grass is one of the nicest smells nature can offer!

outdoor flowers

We’ve already discussed flowers, but only in the indoor sense. With it being Spring, it’s well worth planting a few bulbs as they’ll bloom perfectly in time for the newfound sunshine! They’ll also bring a wide variety of wildlife to your gardens such as bees and butterflies and ladybirds! It’s well worth the little time you spend on it as it improves both the look and the natural aspect of your garden!


spring lamb jumping over a sheep part 2

Hopefully after reading this post, you’ll now be feeling more able to prepare your home for the Springtime! Not only will your home be clean and smelling nice, but it will also be decorated perfectly for the rest of the season!

Have we missed anything out? Do you have any extra tips for the Springtime? Let us know in the comments below!

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