With the weather getting warmer and the evenings getting lighter, everyone’s minds are turning to how to make the most of their outdoor spaces. Whether it’s to create the perfect location for all those summer BBQs you’ve been dreaming of, or to build the ideal staycation space for you and your family – anything is possible.

We’re here to show you how to transform any space into your own personal getaway. One that doesn’t call for a passport and 3am wake up call…just to step outside your door.

Add An Outdoor Rug

When people think of decorating an outdoor space, a rug isn’t something that often comes to mind. Of course, a shaggy thick piled rug wouldn’t be the most suitable. However, weather resistant rugs or ‘outdoor rugs’ can be an easy and hassle-free way to add instant comfort to make your garden staycation friendly. If you want some more information on which rugs are suitable outside, check out our guide all about outdoor rugs to find out more!

Circular Rugs

If you are working with a smaller outside living space, a circular rug can be an ideal solution. Interior designers often use this trick of putting a circular rug in a smaller plot. They do this as it helps to create an illusion of more space.

the padua circle outdoor staycation rug in beige anthracite sits on a grey wooden decking with a chair, plate of food and lantern

Padua Circle Anthracite Outdoor Rug

This Florence Alfresco Padua Circle rug has soft lines that draw the eyes inwards to help to widen a smaller outdoor space.

Rectangular Rugs

Rectangular rugs are ideal to match a square or rectangular space. They work particularly well if you are pairing them with square furniture such as an outdoor table.

Getting a rectangular rug that is large enough to sit underneath your furniture can also help to widen a space out, giving the illusion of a larger area than you may actually be working with.

the matisse outdoor rectangular staycation rug in geometric shapes of orange and blue sits on a wooden decking underneath a garden chair and table

Habitat Matisse Outdoor Rug

We particularly love the Habitat Matisse Rug for it’s simple geometric shapes and warm earthy tones to add a stylish feature to your garden.

Outdoor Runners

A runner is the example of how you can turn any outdoor space into an oasis of interior calm, no matter how small. A runner is often used indoors to make a hallway or smaller and unusual shaped space into a more significant room.

The paletto outdoor runner in an abstract paint splatter design in browns, blues and greens sits on a white background

Paletto Outdoor Runner

This concept works outdoors as well, with a rug such as this Paletto Abstract Runner to add design interest and elongate a smaller garden.

Lay Some Grass

A simple way to turn your outdoor living space into a lush oasis is to add a splash of greenery.

Unfortunately for some, not everybody has the sunshine, time or green-fingered ability to keep a garden vibrant and growing. That doesn’t mean that all hope is lost, artificial grass is an easy hack to a garden space your neighbours will envy. Plus, one that won’t fade to brown in the midst of an August hosepipe ban.

A close up of the caster artificial grass turf in front of a grey wall

Caster Green Artificial Turf

Many people are turned off by the option of artificial turf. Not wanting their at home staycation oasis will look more like the local 5-a-side football pitch. But with modern options of artificial grass such as the Caster Articifical grass have four differing shades of green and really feel like the real thing. We promise you, your guests won’t notice the difference.

Relax With Some Outdoor Furniture

Furniture within your outdoor space is the easiest way to bring some of the indoors out. It instantly helps to create a haven and relaxation space perfect for a staycation.

When deciding on the furniture you want, you need to think of the area you have outdoors and how you want to use it. You want to choose furniture that doesn’t overwhelm and crowd the space you have, so it’s best to choose furniture that suits your needs.

Is it for sunbathing and relaxing? Then deck chairs or a hammock is an ideal solution. Is it for BBQs and outside dining? Then a table is a must. Or for summertime cocktails? Smaller tables and upright chairs are best.

Add Some Plants

When it comes to making an outdoor oasis, there’s nothing easier to help transform your space than plants.

You don’t have to be a gardening pro to succeed in keeping some plants or flowers in your garden. Pots with herbs and hardy plants such as conifers are easy to look after with little care and all the reward.

On the other hand, opting for climbing plants such as honeysuckle or rambling roses can add greenery to a smaller plot of land without taking up any valuable floor space, and can add a beautiful scent on warm summer evenings.

Paint Your Space

If you’re not sure you want the responsibility of plants and greenery to care for, you can add some extra interest to your outdoor oasis by painting.

Adding a feature by painting a fence or a trellis a bold colour, or even by painting plant pots.

Just ensure you’re using paint that is made for outdoor spaces, and one that will withstand weathering.

With some small additions to your garden or outdoor space, you’ll have a little slice of heaven in no time. That staycation is calling…just add a glass of wine and some sunshine.

For more design and style tips to turn your home into an interior dream, read more on our blog here. Shop our full range of outdoor rugs here.