First impressions count, and what better way to create the perfect welcome to your home than with the richness of a Persian runner in your hallway?

Persian runners are certain to make the right impact on arrival at your home. Known for their rich colours and striking designs, they exude high quality and sophistication that brightens up any hallway.

Not only do Persian runners look stunning, but they have many other benefits. From style to quality, here are our 6 reasons why you need a Persian hallway runner.


As the entrance to your home, your hallway faces a high volume of footfall throughout the day. That’s why it’s important you opt for a long-lasting runner for this area.

With Persian runners, you don’t have to substitute style for practicality. In fact, they are extremely hard-wearing and durable as well as being effortlessly stylish. This is due to the intricate craftsmanship put into the making of Persian runners. They are knotted by hand, creating a long-lasting runner that is able to endure heavy levels of footfall and still remain high quality.

Not only are they able to withstand heavy foot traffic in your hallway, kitchen or dining space, but Persian runners are also able to last for even longer durations of time. They can be passed down for generations without showing signs of wear and tear!

The Khurjeen Traditional Runner is a truly individual hand-knotted Persian style runner. It embodies that classic Persian look with a new and exciting blend of traditional and contemporary designs. Made from the finest wool, this beautiful rug is extremely durable and easy to clean – perfect for your hallway.

Timeless Beauty

With trends constantly evolving, it’s not always easy to know which rug will be suitable for your home. 

One thing is for sure though, Persian runners never go out of style. Dating back to hundreds of years ago, Persian runners have always been a favourite. People of all walks of life still appreciate the beauty and historical depth of Persian runners.

The Khurjeen 45611 Persian style runner captures design influence from the Northern provinces of Afghanistan. Full of life and character, a blend of delightful grey, reds, blues and oranges make up this stunning runner. These traditional colours will always be beautiful – forever capturing the original essence of classic colours and designs that won’t date.

Low Maintenance

Is it possible for a rug to be so beautiful, yet so low maintenance? The answer is yes.

Persian rugs don’t require much maintenance at all. This is due to the tightness of the knots that make up the rug as it makes it hard for dirt and dust to settle. Making them ideal for your hallway, kitchen or dining space.

If you’re looking for a quick freshen up, simply take your runner outside and gently hit it with a stick. This helps to remove any inevitable dirt that may land on your rug. 

Made With Natural Fibres

If you suffer from allergies or certain rugs cause you irritation, Persian runners are perfect for you.

Persian runner rugs are made with natural fibres that don’t contain toxic chemicals and adhesives. Natural fibre rugs are hypoallergenic, meaning you can enjoy the beauty of your runner for a long period of time without worrying about common allergens affecting you. This is environmentally friendly and safe as they contain no harsh modern chemicals.

We love the Ziegler Supreme Persian inspired Runner wool runner.

Luxuriously crafted using the finest wool, this stunning runner issues colour and life into your home. Featuring a striking Persian Chobi design, the Zieglar runner has been beautifully crafted by Turkmen tribes in Afghanistan. 

Overall, wool is long-lasting, super-soft and stain-resistant due to fibre coatings. Created using hand-knotting techniques, this beautiful runner adds an authentic and unique piece of design to your home that is sure to stand out.

Unique To You

When it comes to Persian runners, no two are the same.

It all comes down to technique. The time and detail put into Persian runners leaves you with a rug that is entirely unique to you. Persian rugs are expertly hand-woven by knotting individual strings of thread into the warps, cutting the thread after every single knot.

This means that your runner is completely individual and unique to you. Persian runners allow you to add an authentic and unique piece of crafted design that makes the perfect addition to your home. 

The Kazak Supreme 46089 Persian inspired runner is a stunning infusion of shades of blues, reds, oranges and cream. This stunning design supports the heritage industry by embracing the beauty and history of the Hazara Tribes of Afghanistan.

To complete the look, why not opt for the matching Kazak Supreme rug for other areas of your home? This affluent rug is certain to create a statement piece in your home that is entirely unique to you.


From traditional blues and reds to striking blends of orange and green, there are many unique Persian runners to choose from.

Despite there being so much choice, there is one thing they all have in common. That’s quality.

Persian runners are renowned for their rich colours and designs. Traditionally, they are made using high-quality materials including wool, silk and vegetable dyes. These specialist materials form an extremely long-lasting rug that is able to withstand decades worth of footfall.



If you’re looking for quality, beauty and durability all in one – a Persian runner is your perfect match. 

You can find more of our fabulous range of Genuine Persian runners here.