When it comes to interiors, it may be that we aren’t all blessed with a large space to work with. However, that’s not to say that a small space can’t be equally as inspiring. We’re here to show you how to decorate small spaces.

When decorating small spaces, it may require a bit more thought, but with some clever tricks and care you can help to transform those box rooms and studio flats you’d never given much love to.

Every space can be made into something magical. We’ve got the interior ideas to help your humble little space rival even the most ostentatious of Chateaus. 

Clever Furniture

Furniture is the main sticking point when you decorate small spaces. You don’t want to overwhelm a space, but there are smarter ways of using pieces.

Most people would try to get smaller versions of standard furniture. However, sometimes this only helps to shrink the room. As a smaller bed or sofa only accentuates that the room itself is small.

The trick is to opt for larger, statement furniture pieces and reduce the pieces of furniture you actually have. This may feel counterintuitive, but it helps make the room feel grander and as one that can accommodate this furniture.

a small loft room using minimal furniture to decorate small spaces

Opt for wider and low beds, or corner sofas, and instead forgo the bedside or coffee table for clever shelving or small side table.

Cosy It Up

A small space sometimes isn’t one to completely disregard. Sometimes, it’s best to embrace the small interior you’re working with, and make it as cosy as possible.

This works particularly well with a bedroom, as using a lot of soft textures can help to build a really cosy and warming space.

a rug in a small room to cosy up and to decorate small spaces 

Something like this Twilight Speckled Shaggy rug really works to add softness to a room, while the paler shade makes sure to not close the room up.

Being smart with the lighting can also help to add an extra level of comfort to a smaller bedroom. Using lots of softer and warmer lights such as floor lamps can help to add a cosiness over a larger main light.

Statement Paint

Using paint in unusual ways can be an ideal way to transform a small space. Often when decorating a smaller room, wallpapers or a full wall can be quite overwhelming.

Which is where you can use paint in certain shapes to create a level of interest to decorate small spaces.

A headboard can be something that takes up precious space in a small interior. Instead, you can paint a large circle around where the headboard should be, to save on room while ensuring the space doesn’t look bare.

A very popular design at the moment is to paint a false archway onto a wall. You can use a stencil, or even forgo the painting and opt for a decal.

This helps to open the room up, and give the impression of more space. Using neutral shades can help to open the room, and give an on trend mediterranean interior feel.

Get Reflective

A common trick to open up a space is the use of mirrors. The reflection of the mirror throwing back the image of the room gives the illusion of more space.

With this method, it’s best to use very large mirrors to give more light and reflection. A cluster of smaller mirrors together can often have the adverse effect, closing up the room and making it feel cluttered.

a small porch using a large mirror to extend a small space

Opt for a larger mirror, and one with a small frame to get the most from the mirror. It’s best to hang at an average eye height of 60cm, and to level any wall hangings to this same height.

Add even more depth by placing a lamp in front of the mirror. This adds more light, and opens the room up even at night time.

Section It

Sectioning a small space is a method that has endless possibilities and ways of incorporating it into your interior.

If you live in a smaller studio space, it can sometimes be challenging having your bedroom and living space in one room. A way to counter this is to install curtains as a divider in your studio.

This option can obviously be pulled back to open the space again if you wanted. For this method, it’s best to use sheer, white or neutral curtains to make sure the space isn’t closed off.

You can also divide a small space by cleverly decorating the floor and wall you have, especially if you aren’t sure about the curtain method.

a small space using a rug to section up and to decorate small spaces

Rugs can be a great way to divide your living space into clear separate areas. This can work to create a new space for your bedroom, living room or even transform it to a home office. Placing a large rug to act as the floor space of your divided ‘room’ can help create an illusion of space.

Geometric rugs work particularly well for this, as they lend to the breaking-up that you’re trying to achieve with the piece. Something like this Sketch Geometric Rhombus rug below.

the sketch geometric rug places on a wooden floor in front of a fireplace

Wall space can also be used to divide up a room. A method that works particularly well within a bathroom space.

Creating zones with complementary wall materials or colours can help to make a space feel more generous. Putting a colour behind the toilet, and another behind the sink next to it can create the feeling of extra room.

This method uses the vertical wall space, which can be helpful in really tight spaces.

Use All Surfaces

A logical but sometimes overlooked idea in a small space is to make use of every available surface.

If you have a larger window sill, opt to use this as a shelf instead of bringing in extra furniture to an already cramped space. You can opt for floor lamps with a slender base, instead of a need for a bedside table.

a small windowsill being used as seating within a cottage

If you don’t have a windowsill that will work with this concept, you can instead think of a floating shelf. Using the wall space over the floor space is always a better option to decorate small spaces.

You can even transform a larger window sill into a seating space. This gives a small room another purpose, while not requiring an armchair or seat that will take up any more floor space.

Inventive Storage

The most important thing with a small room is space, which often comes down to storage. With a small space, clever storage ideas are essential to make the most of what you have.

The best way to work with storage in these interiors is to opt for furniture that doubles up as storage. Ottoman style beds can be a perfect way to get around the need for a chest of drawers or wardrobe to store clothes, shoes or other bits and pieces.

Another way is to actually store your bed away. Especially useful in a studio, you can opt for a bed that doubles as a sofa in the day. This means you can have one room that can work as a living room in the day and a bedroom at night.

If you don’t want the trouble of having to fiddle and fold your bed away every day, you can choose a bed that folds up into the wall. This is an easy and instant way to transform a small space.


A small space can be something that proves difficult to decorate, but with thoughtful additions and interior tricks it can be transformed.

So what do you think, have you been inspired to overhaul that box room that’s been needing some extra love? It’s time to decorate small spaces… Let us know in the comments!