Creating A Summer Vibes Atmosphere In Your Home

creating a summer vibes atmosphere in the home

Summer is the season of warm and balmy weather, cool evening breezes, blue skies, casual clothes and lots of outdoor entertainment. With summer in full swing, it is the perfect time of year to give your home summer vibes.

To complement the gorgeous weather outside, it’s in our best interest to keep those summer vibes flowing within our homes. From palm prints and tropical materials to beachy art and textiles, here are a few decorating tips to keep the summer vibes going!

A Splash of Bright Colour

Summer is the season of bright colours and summer 2017 is no exception. Although it may sound easy enough, adding colour to a plain room isn’t always simple. Yes, you can paint a wall and call it a day – but what if you live in a rented space that doesn’t allow painting, or you simply don’t want to go through the trouble involving paint, messy brushes, time and energy that could be saved?

Your best bet to add a splash of colour is a bright summery rug. One of the many pros of choosing a rug is that there are a wide range of patterns and sizes available – and all you must do is roll it out on your floor and enjoy.

We have narrowed down this year’s summer trends to two key themes:

Art Deco-Inspired Patterns

summer vibes art-deco rug

Art deco is making a big comeback, especially when it comes to rugs. Also, keep your eye out for geometric patterns, as they will add dimension.

Encaustic Designs

summer vibes abstract inspired rug

If you want to take your geometric pattern up a notch, consider an intricate patterned design for your rug to complement a simple room at home.

Embrace Breeze & Light

Incorporating summer vibes is all about feeling light, airy and free. You can achieve these feelings in your home too.

In the morning, before it gets too hot (depending on where you live), open up every window in your house – even if it’s just for a few minutes. As that fresh, summer breeze will fill your home with the sweet smell of the season and fill your soul with new life and positive vibes.

summer vibes let light and breeze in

Whether you go with a bold pattern or a warm wood, a new set of blinds will bring a new lease of life to your room. Combining style with practicality, our patterned blackout blind will ensure lazy summer lie-ins and will help to keep your bedroom cool.

With longer, lighter evenings, we all tend to use our lighting less – but that doesn’t mean we should forget about it. An eye-catching light fitting is a great way to transform a space, and, when those autumn nights start drawing in, can be put to practical use.

Art on The Walls

Art doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. What’s more important is enjoying and displaying it with confidence.

However, you can never go wrong with paintings. It’s easy to become blind to your pictures and paintings when they’ve been hanging in the same place for a while. By moving your art to a different room, you will see them afresh, making it feel like you’ve added something new to your home.

summer vibes art on the walls

If you are the more artsy type, you can pick landscape paintings. Similarly, if you are the type of person who likes funny quotes, well get one framed and hang it on your walls!

Or if you can’t actually go to the beach, at least you can stare longingly at a picture of it. One popular overhead beach scenes is always a good pick, but don’t be afraid to try something a little different like this saturated flamingo photograph.

Floral Accessories

A picture perfect and simple way to get summer vibes into your home is to pick flowers from your garden and make a striking bouquet. No flower garden? Then get in the habit of picking up varying flower bunches with your weekly groceries. The flowers will make any room inviting and vibrant. Pair the flowers with some fresh fruit and you’ll have a wonderful focal point for your room.

Moreover, flowers, plants, cactuses, grasses – whatever your taste, bring it inside. The pops of pink, green or yellow that plants and flowers bring will make your home feel fun and fresh, and we all know, there’s no better smell than a bunch of fresh flowers.

summer vibes floral accents

Plants always add a certain character and texture to a home. Prepare your home for the upcoming seasons by bringing in a part of nature. Use large pots, small pots, and planters or just about anything that takes your fancy and fits into your home.

No need to plant a tropical forest in your place — a little plant life can go a long way. Opt for palms, banana leaves, ferns, succulents, and other warm weather botanicals. Adding a vase of fresh flowers to the room is more than a good habit and it will instantly freshen up a room.

Patterns & Prints

Bring fun summer vibes into your home with more vibrant prints and patterned décor. In fact, for a casual splash of colour, try the Colors Love rug beneath your coffee table. Too much of a pattern can be overbearing, so be sure to break it up with some solid coloured furniture and textiles.

Colourful floral prints and vibrant, geometric patterns scream summer when found on light textiles. Carry your palm prints into the cooler months by layering them with complementary accents in a monochromatic colour scheme.

summer vibes geometric pillows and cushions on a white sofa

If you like darker or neutral colours but still want your home to recall summer’s adventures, decorate with images and shapes from the beach. Roll out a summery rug for a subtle summer touch, or use a few palm-adorned throw pillows on your sofa. Beautiful patterns can make any room in your home feel a little closer to the beach. You don’t have to go bold and bright to recall feelings of summer vibes!

Summery Scents

Summer is more than just a season; it’s a state of mind. As the bracing scents of fresh summer fruits, flowers and salty breezes fill your home and garden, relax, refresh and enjoy the sunny days and warm nights of the carefree season.

Beautifully placed candles will bring a fresh air into your home, while evoking calm and elegance. Choose a range of different candles – from tealights to traditional taper candlesticks – and fill your home with your favourite scents.

summer vibes summer scents in the home

Enhance the natural summer scent that infiltrates your home with fruity candles scent specific to what you love and lighten up the mood. Choose scents to add depth and character.

Nothing smells more like summer than freshly washed linen, dried in the warm breeze. To keep the crisp, exhilarating scent longer, spray your bed and curtains with our fine home and linen mists.

Trendy Furniture

With Summertime underway, we often venture abroad to warmer climates and sun-filled destinations, searching for a relaxing space to spend with family and friends.

Whilst a holiday abroad is tempting, you can bring Summer in your home. Create a welcoming and a light, relaxing sleeping space to unwind. If you are looking at buying new furniture, this is a perfect time! You are already redecorating for the season. Look for trendy furniture designs that you can incorporate into your house.

summer vibes floral accessoires
summer vibes trendy accessories

A bright summery rug is a perfect way to change up and ground your summer space. Also, bright colours and patterns will add visual interest and can be a statement piece for your room. Use the colours in the rug as a jumping off point when accessorising the rest of your room.

In addition, a new rug is a great way to vamp up your existing living room style. For a pulled-together look, choose a rug that incorporates the main colours from your decor. Take a good look around your room and pick out the colours from your favourite items, pictures or cushions.

Wacky Colours or Timeless White

Rose gold and furniture? Yes! That is one of the latest trends this season. You can use décor items such as pots or bowls, or go all out with a brand-new sofa in rose gold.

There are so many shades of pink apart from bright and bold shades. Accents of pink in a room brighten it up. Of course, we are not saying go all out and decorate the entire room pink, but a little pink looks wonderful.

summer vibes white accents in a home

White walls and furniture instantly make a space feel renewed. White is a timeless colour that can be integrated into any décor style. A unique way to integrate the colour into your home is by using white serve ware. Adding soft pastel accessories will complete the look.

By placing white accessories will bring fresh and uplifting summer vibes into your home while inspiring tranquillity and sophistication. Swap your heavy throw pillows and curtains with white linen ones to lighten up the mood. Also, choose objects of different textures to add depth and character.


summer vibes in the home

So, there you have it, we hope these ideas help you enjoy more of summer in your home! For more ways to infuse a little summer in your home décor, check out our Pinterest board.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? How else will you be spreading the summer vibes in your home this summer? Let us know in the comments!