A classically loved style for rugs and runners is the Royal Aubusson style. An opulent piece that adds decadence to any interior, here’s a spotlight on the style and how you can incorporate it into your home.

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What Is A Royal Aubusson Rug

Royal Aubusson rugs are woven in a flat weave style, meaning they have no pile or raised fibres. Often crafted from natural and high-quality materials such as silk or wool, these pieces were traditionally hand-woven and regarded as some of the finest rugs in the world. Originating from the villages of Aubusson, France in the 15th Century. There were workshops built to weave this style of rug for nobility and royalty back in the 1700s.

In modern day, this style still holds a regal feel but has adapted over time, being manufactured from affordable machine-made synthetics without compromising quality or durability. You can also find many styles that offer a pile for carpeting, meaning it’s no longer just a flatweave design.

Royal Aubusson rugs in Green

Royal Aubusson Wool Rugs

The Rug Seller’s Royal Aubusson rug collection is hand tufted in India with a 100% Wool Pile. With a thicker, piled style, discover our style with an embossed detailing on top of the intricate prints to add an extra level of drama to every piece. 

These styles offer a true level of opulent to your interior, made from only the highest quality materials. Try a style like this traditional wool rug style in a decadent red.

Royal Aubusson rugs in Red

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Royal Aubusson Circular Rugs

When adding in a busy and printed style such as a Royal Aubusson rug, you might want to consider the room it’s going into. A smaller space might be overcrowded by a piece that is too large, adding a statement into a room.

Which is where a round rug can come in, which is perfect for a smaller room or flat. The round edges draw the eye inwards, helped by the patterns of the rug. It creates a fluid movement in the room. This not only helps to soften the room’s interior, but even creates the illusion of more space. 

It’s perfect for adding in some warmth with a rug without taking up too much floor space. Try a style like this in a royal blue for a piece that will look great in your home all year round. 

​​Royal Aubusson Circular rugs in Blue


This piece is made using 100% wool. Meaning it’s thick, soft and luxurious, hand carving is used to add further detail to the floral design. 

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Royal Aubusson Runners

A runner is a great addition to a home, perfect for high-traffic areas such as hallways or kitchens that might be a more unusual space but still want a little protection for the floor. Runners help to warm up hardwood and tiled floors for the winter months, as well as creating a sound barrier to minimise noise. 

Runners are a great option to add a little bit of character in spaces that might be lacking in it, making a big impact in small spaced. Check out our top range of designer runners here.

Royal Aubusson hall runner rugs are lovingly hand made with a sculptured traditional Indian design. Made from a superior Heavy Quality 100% Wool Pile and cotton backing.

We love this beige and cream style for a touch of luxury that isn’t too loud, to offer some style but not too much for a busy space or corridor. 

Royal Aubusson Runner rugs in Beige Cream

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So will you be adding this distinctive, traditional design into your interior? Let us know in the comments.