We all spend a lot of time in our living room, and sometimes it feels right to switch up and add some colour to the interior of the room you spend most time in. Whether it’s a change in the season, some pinterest inspiration or just something new.

But does the thought of picking up a paint brush sends shivers down your spine? Worry not…

We have some top ideas that you can use to bring some space to your living room, without having to dig out any rollers and paint pots. 

Make A Statement

The main thing when it comes to a living room is comfort. Which often means the star of the show is the sofa.

From vintage style velvet chaise longues or high contrast prints, the sofa is a great way to bring some life into your interior. If your current sofa is still comfortable, why not upcycle it and reupholster it with a fun and bright fabric?

a yellow chair bringing colour to a living room space of grey and white

It’s not just sofas that can add a splash of colour to your living room interior. Use a rug as an easy way to bring some newness to the space.

A rug gives an opportunity to switch up the feel of a space without having to fully commit and change, as it can easily be rolled up and moved when you want to. Viewing a rug as something that works as a piece of art for your floor can help you see it in a completely new light. 

Opt for something like this William Morris Strawberry Thief

william morris strawberry thief rug in a living room space

Or more of a geometric modernist style like this Scion Composition Papaya rug.

scion papaya rug in abstract design bringing colour to a living room

Tate Modern Who?

Do you have some blank wall spaces that are looking a little bit drab and uninspiring? Try to add a fun gallery style wall in a way to add colour in a way that’s a little out of the ordinary.

Go for something bright and fun that complements your current interior style. For something bright and eye-catching, pop-art style posters can add a modern twist to your living room.

a living room with pop art prints on the wall and eclectic interiors

If you want something a little softer, try to add some dried flowers to your gallery wall. These can easily be done at home, using a flower press, glass frames and glue. This method is fairly inexpensive, and gives you the freedom to choose what you use to ensure the flowers match the interior you’re trying to breathe life into.

Get Your Greens

As simple as it may sound, adding some florals and faunas to your living room interiors is an easy way to add colour. Whether it’s choosing regular blooming bouquets or evergreen style leafy greens – it’s an easy way to add freshness.

a simple interior with plants sat on rugs in a living room space

If you want more ideas of how to add greenery into your living room, check out our handy guide.

Pair the new green shades in your room with contrasting gold accents for a modern eclectic style we love. Gold picture frames, standing lamps or mirrors work brilliantly.

Now you just need to make sure you remember to water them…

Shelf Help

As promised, this list contains no ideas that will ask for a wallpaper or painting job. So how can you create a statement wall without it?

Shelves are a great way to add space which can be used for decorating. A floating shelf can be added where there’s wall space for a shrine to all things decor. We’re talking candles, vases or leaning prints.

What’s good about this method is it adds interest but it can always be changed about. You can easily add in a new complementary colour through these sort of shelves, to bring some opulence to your decor.

a room with a large wooden shelf to bring colour to the living room space with sofas and tables

If you’d rather something a bit more statement, a shelving unit can be another great option. One that fills a wall can be seen as a statement wall, and gives you ample room for storage or home accessories. 

The Curtain Call

The perfect way to frame your living room space is with a pair of curtains. Because curtains are on the outer edges of a room, adding bold colours or prints is a good choice as it won’t overwhelm the room. Like these Bouvardia curtains in yellow floral print.

yellow and white floral curtains framing a window with a white wall

Bold and bright floral style prints work really well, or using curtains to add texture as well as colour. Using textured patterns like these Akira curtains can be a great way to add some interest if you’re not sure about going full printed style.

Akira scion blue textured curtains close up hanging in a window framed with a white wall

Block colour curtains can be a good way of bringing the illusion of more light into a room. Brightly coloured curtains, or a warm tone like an orange or a yellow can lighten a room that may not get much natural light coming in.

Cushion It Up

The easiest way to add instant colour to a room is throwing in some cushions. They’re an easy option that doesn’t require a huge amount of commitment.

Choose cushions that complement a secondary colour in your room, called accent colours. You can then build outward with this to match accessories or flowers with this colour.

It’s also an easy way if you want to keep switching up your decor feel. Changing cushion covers regularly can make it instantly feel as you’ve got a new space through a few simple steps! These flower stem cushions by Orla Keily are a perfect high summer addition that will add a bright pop of paprika colour to your decor.

a cut out image of the orla keily paprika coloured flower stem cushion, front and back


So are you ready to add some extra colour in your life and living room? Tell us about your favourite decor overhauls in the comments.