How To Choose a Bedroom Rug For Your Home

how to choose the best bedroom rug

Do you feel like your bedroom is missing something? Don’t have room for a piece of large furniture or a statement piece? Here’s an affordable and simple solution; a bedroom rug. Yes, a rug can make all the difference when it comes to adding a little bit of pizzazz to your new bedroom sitting area or just needing something to brighten up part of your master bedroom. This list of 21 bedroom rug ideas is sure to get your creative juices flowing. Check them out!

Master Bedroom Ideas

Almost Wall-To-Wall

golden silk feel bedroom rug

A lot of people like to buy large rugs so that they don’t have to pay somebody to install wall-to-wall carpeting. As you can see from this rendering, the tan rug almost takes up the whole room. The modern bed sits perfectly atop of it and it goes great with the colour scheme of the bed spread and decor. In this bedroom design, you can see that the tan rug complements the tan upholstered headboard and plush cushion.

Sea Colours

reflection bedroom rug

For you blue lovers, you’ll love this. This blue, white and green themed room is absolutely beautiful. Notice how the blue rug is a different shade as the other blue furniture as to not overpower the rest of the room. It makes it so that it’s not so bright, but it still brings some elegance to it. The rug also matches just a small amount of colours to their bedspread and more of it to the ocean colours.

A Few Shades Darker

monochrome bedroom rug

We love dark colours, which is why we really like monochrome bedroom rug ideas. This dark patterned rug mixed with this modern bed and side table is absolutely stunning. The way the colours of the bedding and rug go together with the walls makes for a very sophisticated look. This is something that you would find in a luxury apartment or even a newer home.

Fancy Patterns

medina rug in a large bedroom with large pipes

If your bedroom is looking a little small, adding patterns can make it look bigger than it really is. This patterned rug gives the room a longer look while corresponding with the colour scheme. It also gives the room a very modern look. These are the types of rugs that are popular in children’s bedrooms or dorm rooms because of their ability to fit in with solid coloured walls and small rooms.

Sophisticated & Vintage

antrique bedroom rug

Having a rug under your bed can give a room a vintagy feel. Those are absolutely stunning hardwood floors, so it’s a no-brainer that using the rug to protect them from the bed from scratching the surface is a great idea. Somehow, it also goes with the unique colour scheme of the room. It’s hard to match this shade of green with certain colours, but this rug works. It also makes colours stand out.

No More Cold Feet

blue Japanese detailed bedroom rug

We don’t know about you, but we don’t like cold floors first thing in the morning. The placement of this rug is perfect for those cold mornings. It lays right under the bed and sticks out just enough for your feet to rest on when you sit on the edge of the bed. The best part about this concept is that you can easily move it to the top or the bottom of the bed without having to move furniture around.

Breaking Up The White

reflection bedroom rug

Here we have another bedroom rug idea that breaks up the flow of all the white. The elongated, multi-coloured rug gives the room a splash of colour while keeping the main focus on the simple decor that the sunlight beams in on. Other than that, the colour of the rug goes very well with the light colour of the wooden accents.

Grey On Grey

chrome designer bedroom rug

The grey on grey is something that we see a lot in apartments. In this particular bedroom, the dark walls are complimented with a by a light grey bedroom rug with a glossy sheen around it to match the wall. It also goes very well with the grey bedsheets and the decor. This is another one of those rugs that will work in any area of the bedroom.

Basic Rug

yeti plain bedroom rug

This room has an absolutely beautiful light hardwood floor. The plain wall behind the bed leaves multiple colour options open for the rug, but this natural colour matches the chair and bed frame. The small natural coloured rug at the side of the bed makes for a perfect foot planting area first thing in the morning when the floors may be cold. It also adds a touch of decoration and goes well with the overall colour scheme of the room.

Classic Elegance

chrome designer bedroom rug

This romantically designed room is the ideal place for couples to get cosy in. And this rug is something that you would find in a fancy resort or in a cabin. It’s a very elegant room with the silk cushions and king size bed. The fact that this rug covers a good portion of that beautiful dark hardwood floor will help to keep it preserved from the feet of the bed and other scratches.

Different Colours

geometric bedroom rug

The large windows in this bedroom give the rug multiple colour hues depending on what time of day it is. When the blinds are open and it’s bright, it’s going to look like the rug is a bright grey colour. At night, it may give off more of a darker grey. Either way, it will match up perfectly with the colour scheme of the room and the metal feet of the bed.


aqua blue bedroom rug

A lot of people love minimalism and this bedroom is living proof. There are three colours going on here; white, blue, and brown. The big blue rug is simple but somehow makes the blue wall and white bed spread work together for a pretty simple design that screams “modern”. The rug is about as plain as it gets, but it pulls the entire room together.

Fluffy & Comfy

teddy rugs in a bedroom

We’re a personal fan of fluffy rugs, which is why we love this look so much. This large rug doesn’t take the eye off of the wooden floors, but it does add some pop to the dark espresso coloured furniture and modern bed frame while matching the trim and comforter. This is another one of those rugs that would work well in any other room in the house.

Abstract Design

geometric bedroom rug

A lot of luxury bedrooms are monochrome with nothing else. This luxury abstract bedroom has a splash of colour with the designed green rug. This adds some flare to the bedroom, making it not so boring and bright. If you also didn’t notice, the way they have this decorated is that rug is sticking out more towards where the door in the room would be, giving the room a longer look and showing off more of the rug.

Luxurious Oak

wild oak bedroom rug

This elegant bedroom is very simple, but also very luxurious, we mean, look at that rug! It’s very unique and it seems to catch all of the colours in the bedroom. It is coordinated very well with the accent accessories, bed spread, and even the lamps. It’s not something that you’ll be able to use in every room of the house, but it works perfectly in this master bedroom.

Shaggy Is Back

blue soft to touch bedroom rug

Shaggy rugs are making a comeback, or have they never left? Nobody really knows? All we know is that in this beautiful modern apartment bedroom, this shaggy rug is totally rocking it. In dusty blue, it wonderfully coordinates with the bed frame and bedspread. Rugs are always a great way to keep furniture from scratching floors.

Pretty In Pink

sula bedroom rug

A cute polka dot rug is perfect for a little girl’s bedroom, such as this one. All of the colours go great with all of the colours in the bedroom such as the bedspread, floor, bed foundation, and the walls. It gives them a comfortable little sitting spot next to their bed for when they want to sit on the floor to play. It also gives their room a little bit of colour if they have white furniture or white walls.

Simple Elegance

chrome rugs from katherine carnaby

You can see from this picture that a simple small rug can make a huge statement in such an elegant bedroom. The grey of the rug matches the rest of the furnishings and the trim along the walls and bed. The fact that it’s at the end of the bed topped with an ottoman makes it a cute little sitting area. This is also one of those rugs that you can move to any part of the bedroom and it would fit in.


blue esprit bedroom rug

The rug in this room is rather funky and hypnotic. If you notice the frame of the bed, the colours of it harmonise very well with the colour of the rug, which is a light blue. They all come together to give the entire room a timeless appeal. It’s also one of those rugs that can be moved to different locations within the room for different looks.

Zebra Stripes

zebra rug

Zebra stripes are an excellent way to add a touch of personal style and uniqueness to any bedroom. This is very similar to cowhide, but it’s got a better flow of lines rather than splotches. As you can see from this picture, it is used in a diagonal fashion mixed with a beige bed spread. It’s very different, but we love it. The rug also adds to the overall modernism of the room decor itself.


purl bedroom rug

This chic bedroom is wonderfully pulled together and topped off with a vibrant pink coloured rug that matches perfectly with the cream coloured upholstered bed set. Not only that, but it complements the espresso room accents. The way they have the rug positioned also says a lot about the decorating style. Instead of resting your feet on a cold hardwood floor, the rug will be there to keep your feet toasty.


Well, there you have it! Here are 21 bedroom rug ideas that are absolutely stellar. We love rugs and we think that they bring a lot of personality into a home and into a room. There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and putting your feet down on a fluffy rug rather than a cold hardwood floor, unless you like that.

If you enjoyed this list, please feel free to share it with your friends! Also, if you have any of your own ideas, feel free to comment and share them with us!

Stunning Bedroom Rug Ideas To Add Flare To Your Home
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