In the cold winter nights, there’s no pleasure greater than cuddling up to get all toasty and warm with a hot water bottle. Beyond the warmth you can get, there are many benefits of a hot water bottle other than the obvious. Read on to find out how your hot water bottle can be helping your digestion to help to reduce your bills or simply see you sleep better!

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Helps Your Immune System

A hot water bottle keeps you warm, and the benefits of that warmth are endless.Keeping warm can help reduce your risk of colds and flu, as well as more serious

problems such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and depression.

benefits of a hot water bottle in warming a bed

If your body temperature drops, the common cold and other viruses are able to multiply more readily. Meaning, if you keep yourself warm – you’re less likely to see yourself becoming unwell. 

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They’re Less Expensive

With a lot of us now shifting to home working, this may mean that we’re heating our homes a lot more than we used to. If you’re part of a family, and only one of you stays at home during the day – putting the heating on can seem excessive.

Heating the whole house takes a lot more energy and money than simply using a hot water bottle to directly heat yourself.

One of the benefits of a hot water bottle is that it comes out considerably cheaper than an electric blanket so is a real energy saver when it comes to the rising cost of energy and living. 

Want more energy saving tips? Read our winter rugs to help you save on energy bills this winter and keep your home warm.

They Aid Digestion

Holding a hot water bottle on your stomach after eating for about half an hour has been shown to increase hydrochloric acid production which in turn helps digestion. When it comes to winter food and rich stews to Christmas buffets – this can be a life saver!


Additionally, the heat from the hot water bottle can be a huge help for those who suffer from constipation or even IBS. It can aid with the discomfort that IBS can bring and can help reduce the effects of constipation.

A YuYu hot water bottle is a unique design in an elongated shape where you can tie it around you to place it against your stomach. Read more about the YuYu hot water bottles here.

It Relieves Stress

After a stressful day, it can be wonderful to relax into your sofa with a comforting hot water bottle to calm your nerves.

It’s not simply the warmth that helps you relax, there’s science behind why this can help reduce stress and anxiety.

This is in part due to the fact that the heat promotes blood circulation around the body. This process helps you to relax and unwind, loosening muscles and increasing levels of oxygen to your brain. Similarly to how deep breaths can help sooth you, a hot water bottle is the same.

Warm Your Bed

When the weather is cold, the nights are dark and the wind is whipping at your windows – there’s nothing like getting into a cold bed.

If you can’t stretch to investing in an electric blanket, a hot water bottle is the perfect pairing for a cold bed. Simply fill up the bottle, leave it laying where you wish for 5-10 minutes and see it leave your bed warm and toasty for when you want to snuggle in.

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It’s A Natural Remedy 

A hot water bottle can be a great way to reduce and help with pain, away from using over the counter painkillers. It’s a great homoeopathic remedy for headaches, period pains and other muscle aches.

A hot compress can physically shut down the normal pain response involved in these muscle level aches and pains. The heat doesn’t just provide comfort and have a placebo effect – it actually deactivates the pain at a molecular level in much the same way as pharmaceutical painkillers

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Helps With Sleep

The warmth from hot water bottles can help to stimulate blood flow and circulation in the body. This increase in blood flow can help to relieve anxiety and stress. This can help your body relax, and even give you a relaxed and deeper sleep.

Sleeping in a room that is too cold can see your sleep become disrupted and can see you wake and not fall into a deeper, REM sleep which is needed to regenerate your mind and body.

A hot water bottle can regulate your temperature and keep you warm in the early hours once the heating has turned off.

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Keeps You Cool

Although it may seem a lifetime away, the summer months will bring blistering heat. That doesn’t mean you have to pack away your hot water bottle, you can see them being ideal accompaniments to warm nights as well as cold.

Fill your hot water bottle with water and pop in the freezer for an hour or two before bed. Once you’re ready to sleep, this will keep you and your sleeping environment cooler. Providing a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option than a fan or an air conditioning unit. 


So will you be bringing a hot water bottle into your home this season? Let us know what benefits you’ve found if we haven’t mentioned it above.

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