Decorating with Yellow All Year Round

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Sunny, cheerful yellow – it’s simple, happy, almost innocent vibe adds a light-hearted touch to any space. On its own, however, it is a stimulating colour, so potentially has too much spunk for the bedroom. Luckily, it’s an easy-going team player that works well with every other colour and easily adapts to any decorating scheme.

Summer is coming and if you are looking to a burst of sunshine in your modern interiors, yellow details are the ones you should choose! Yellow can give a special touch to any room in your house trough accessories, cushions, and throws, artwork, or small accents in your pieces of furniture! However, if you really want to go bright, there is nothing better than painting a large wall or choosing a piece of furniture.

So, take a look at 10 ways to use yellow right.

Yellow: About the Colour

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The colour yellow is associated with many things including bliss, happiness, and energy (to name a few). Decorating with brights illuminates your home, giving off good vibes while also creating an overall positive place to reside in. With spring right around the corner, get inspired to redecorate with this lively colour.

On paper, yellow is one of those shades with a lot to offer. Bold, bright, friendly, it has the power to uplift and energise. And yet we tend to avoid using it in our homes, deeming it a tricky colour to work with. Don’t be daunted! It’s myriad shades, from primrose to mustard, saffron to sulphur can be used either as a block colour or as a bold accent to add a contemporary edge to any scheme.

Take a peek at some spaces that are perfectly decorated using this colour.

Yellow With Blue and Green

Sophisticated style in a large living room with yellow sofa chairs

This bright and cheery bedroom is nearly bursting with colour. The buttery yellow walls are warm, but the touches of green throughout the room, as well as the turquoise mid-century modern chair, cool things back down. It’s this balance between warm yellow and cool green and blue that makes this palette a winner, whether you go with brights like this room, or tone it down with softer tints of the colours.

Pastel Yellow Grows Up

Yellow and bright bathtub in a pastel pink coloured bathroom

While pastels are sometimes mistakenly considered suitable only for children’s bedrooms, they actually work very well in the master bedroom. As proof, take a look at the bedroom shown here. The pastel yellow walls provide a dreamy backdrop to the pastel peach, pink, yellow, grey and brown throw pillows and the peach bedding. But it’s the strong contrast of dark brown accents that add the grownup air to the room. If your bedroom is decorated in cooler pastel tints of green, blue, purple or grey, you’ll achieve the same effect with black or silver accents.

Romantic Yet Contemporary Yellow

Yellow and black in a room

When you’re decorating with strong contemporary colours like black and grey, a bright accent keeps the look from dreariness or cold sterility. Here, yellow plays the part beautifully, sparking up the room with colourful touches on the bed and the bedside tables. This room does a great job of mixing contemporary style with romantic accents: the sunburst mirror, antique bedside tables, draped wall and loads of throw pillows add romance, while the colour scheme, strong bed, abstract geometric wall art and black lampshades keep the look modern.

Yellow as a Neutral

Neutral Yellow living room with yellow walls and large sofas

Although it’s not a neutral in the same sense as brown, black, grey, white or tan, yellow takes on the feel of a neutral when it’s a muted shade like the one shown here. This traditional bedroom uses a palette of creamy white, grey and subdued golden-yellow to create an elegant yet relaxed vibe.

Yellow with Dark Walls

Yellow accent accessories in a dark coloured room

Moody indigo walls are all the rage, but too much dark colour can be overwhelming. The solution is a liberal dose of lighter hues throughout the room, providing contrast to the walls. In this bedroom, the gorgeous blue walls come to life with the addition of the yellow throw blanket folded at the foot of the bed, the golden sunburst mirror and the soft green bed.

Yellow and White French Country

Yellow and white sophisticated and stylish bedroom decor

A palette of white plus one other pure colour is a classic look, and for good reason. The white keeps the look fresh and simple, while the colour adds contrast and depth. The room here matches white to a buttery shade of yellow on the walls, and a slightly darker yellow on the bedding. The cheery sunflowers provide the crowning touch to this restful and lovely French country bedroom.

Contemporary Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow long curtains in a large dining room

Love yellow, but prefer to avoid bright colour? No problem, just use a spicy mustard shade like the one shown here. Mustard is a natural for many rustic decorating styles, including Tuscan, colonial, lodge and country, but it works very well with contemporary looks as well, as long as the other colours and furnishings are of-the-moment, as in the rather glamorous room featured here.

Peaceful Pale Yellow

Pale yellow living room

Although bright yellow excites, the paler tints of this cheery colour are actually rather soothing. Take a look at the bedroom here – while you’ll more often find cool shades of blue or grey in a tranquil bedroom, the soft coloured walls here are very restful. Light yellow walls complement any decorating theme but are especially nice in this casual country bedroom. The crisp white bedding and wonderful gingham brown-and-white bed add just enough country style without a hint of fussiness.

Bright Yellow Girl’s Room

Yellow bumblebee rug in a nursery

Although many adults prefer to avoid bright colour in the bedroom, children rarely have that same inhibition. What girl wouldn’t love this bright and cheery room, filled with flowers, colour and pretty accents? The bright yellow walls give a sunshiny glow, while the green, peach, pink and blue add a riot of colour. When decorating a child’s bedroom, it’s time to have some fun.

Tips for Decorating With Yellow

Yellow living room with a large sofa and accents

1. A tape trim creates a bright edge on cream curtains. No sewing is required when you use a fusible web tape, such as Stitch Witchery, that binds two fabrics together.

2. Echo the trim colour on the curtains by using fabric glue and a small brush to adorn a shade with matching bias tape.

3. A yellow sofa might be too much, but pillows infuse colour without going overboard. Better yet are cushions with a neutral colour on one side and a bright one on the other.

4. Even a simple coffee table can become an oasis of colour. For a glass table, remove the top and spray-paint its underside. For a wooden or metal table, have a piece of glass cut to size, and then paint it. In either case, the result adds a luminous gleam to the living room.


Various yellow interior images in a grid

It’s easy to add sunny, citrus, green or yellow-green colour tones to your kitchen, dining room or living room decor with small inexpensive decor accessories, saving you money on spring decorating and creating beautiful natural accents with warm or relaxing shades that match your home interior colour schemes.

So, will you be adding this bright colour to your home this year? Let us know below!