Home accessories are an essential part to interiors, to be able to decorate and add your own stamp to your home decor.

From eclectic contrasts to a luxury addition for that perfect finishing touch, here at The Rug Seller, we have what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for that special something for your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen – we’ve got the guide to complete your living space.

Accessories For Your Bedroom

Designer Bedding

The shining star to your bedroom’s interior – the bed sheets. An element of home decor that can sometimes be overlooked. It serves as a canvas to change the feel of your bedroom.

An easy way to change the feel and theme of your interior, opt for contrasting and differing bedding styles to breathe freshness into the space every time you change your bed! 

Using bold home accessories such as printed bedding in a more minimal interior can instantly change the feel of the room. Morris & Co have a selection of printed bedding and home accessories that can help to bring an antique and heritage feel to a space.

We love the seaweed print bedding set, for a dark and moody print with beautifully decorative floral patterns.

home accessories strawberry thief bedding

If you’re going for an interior style that is more scandi, or even Japandi – it may be that you’d prefer to stick to a minimal feel. 

In this case, you can bring in pattern and texture to a room to add a further layer beyond colour. This Adan fine linens striped bedding set is perfect to do just that. 

adan bedding in chalk white in a broad room

In a classic bedroom style, the contrast of the stripes gives the room a point of interest, without being overwhelming with print or colour.

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Bed Sheets

While bed sheets are not necessarily a home accessory to add to the interior of the room, they are an important element to a bedroom. Comfort is something that bed sheets undeniably add, creating a bed you look forward to easing into at the end of the day.

Comfort should never be overlooked, and comfort is something like a bed sheet consisting of a luxurious 1000 thread count.

Bedeck of Belfast shows us what it truly means to live like kings with their fitted or straight sheets in a grey, chalk white or silver.

white sheet on a bed with grey bedsheets in a bedroom with home accessories

Blankets And Throws

With the colder season approaching, it’s always good to remember blankets and throws to make sure your bedroom is as warm as possible.

Throws are an easy way to add instant cosiness appeal to your room, as well as keeping your toes warm on a cold winter evening. However, it’s always important to think of how it fits into your bedroom interior.

gold knit throw on the end of a dark blue bed set in a dark blue room

A style like this knit throw by Tess Daly is in a gold shade, to add some instant luxe to your bedroom. We particularly love this contrasted with jewel shades to create a feel of opulent luxury.

If you’re more of a traditionalist, then there’s no foregoing a tartan style blanket. This Joules tartan blanket is in a pink and contrast navy, for a classic take on bedroom throws. It brings a traditional tartan pattern with a feminine twist – what more could you want!

For something that sits right in the middle, opt for a style like this Ornella fleece throw. Irresistibly soft to the touch and with a unique but subtle print, it’s an easy and wanted addition to any bedroom.

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Accessories For Your Bathroom

Home accessories aren’t limited to the living room or bedroom. The bathroom deserves some attention and loving finishing touches. With just a few details, you can turn your bathroom or downstairs toilet into a porcelain palace.

Designer Bath Mats

Practical doesn’t have to mean boring. Which is why we have a range of designer bath mats, here to help you dry off after a shower and still keep your bathroom looking fabulous.

marble bathmat in a neutral bathroom with natural light and big windows

Nothing screams opulence and luxury like this midnight marble bath mat, with sprinkling of gold in a modern and abstract design.

Made from 100% combed cotton, this plush style is perfect for stepping onto after a warm shower. Reminiscent of Van Gogh’s iconic Midnight Sky painting, this statement piece will inevitably bring an air of decadence to any bathroom.

green leaf bath mat on a white cut out background

Yet another statement piece is this Feuille leaf style mat, by designers Abyss and Habidecor. Bring the feel of the jungle into a steamy bathroom with this easy addition. Perfect for a themed bathroom, or simply just an eye-catching design to lift your bathroom.

Pair with natural woods and industrial styles for an easy contrast. Or pair with some plants who will love the steamy moisture of the shower!

From statement pieces to more minimal styles, we’ve got them all. Check out our full range of bath mats here.

Luxury Bathroom Towels

Going beyond drying up after a shower, you can’t forget the humble bathroom towel. Whether it’s your best towel set out to impress house guests, or just a touch of design and luxury you want to add to your everyday.

For an instant touch of interior design, opt for uniquely printed towel. This Bee Geo cotton towel by Joules is equal parts eye-catching and enchanting. 

bee geo print towel home accessories with a blue trim with white background

While you can always add instant luxury through bold colour and print, sometimes the added luxury comes through the feel of the product. Especially when it comes to bathroom towels to dry yourself off.

Which is where these super pile Egyptian cotton towels by Abyss and Habidecor come in.

white towel set home accessories on a white background

Made with 100% Egyptian cotton, there’s no denying the plush softness these towels offer. 

Available across six sizes and eight different shades, these towels are perfect for adding that supreme level of luxury into your bathroom. 

Shop our full range of bathroom towels here.


Accessories For Your Living Room

The living room is a space perfect for adding small touches to bring luxury and decadence into your interior. We have the special additions that will finish off your home decor.

Designer Cushions

What’s a living room without cushions? Comfort can mix with design when it comes to cushions, as an easy way to introduce prints and colour to a living room.

We love the range by Orla Kiely, for a simple pop art feel and designer style that is instantly recognisable.

Orla Kiely yellow stem cushions in reversible print on a white background

This small linear stem cushion is an iconic Orla Kiely style. It’s a simple and geometric style that can add a statement to a room. The luxury feel doesn’t end at the design, it’s feather filled and with a 100% cotton exterior.

Work alongside minimal styles, or contrast the mustard with a teal blue or weave mustard yellow accessories throughout the room, to tie the interior together.

For something slightly more monochrome, opt for this Polka Knit Cotton Cushion by Tess Daly.

​​black polka dot cushion with knitted polka dots lying on a bed


The knit polka dots help to add texture to a space, and a touch of pattern without being overwhelming.

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Luxury Curtains

Curtains are the framing element of a room. When drawn, they can bring a statement to a living space. When open, they provide an eye catching detail to bring into your interiors, by complementing or contrasting with other details in your space.

Floral curtains are the perfect addition to a living room, like these Garden Rose Floral curtains by Cath Kidston.

cath kidston floral curtains in a living room window

Using the iconic Cath Kidston florals of brightly coloured roses set on top of a creamy white base, it’s a perfect luxury touch to any home.

For a more subtle option to bring a designer feel into your home are these Strawberry Thief curtains by Morris & Co.

Morris & Co curtains in a window in a duck egg blue

The subtle prints in a soft blue bring texture into a living space. With the iconic prints of William Morris introducing an undeniable artistic and designer feel to an interior.

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Accessories For Your Kitchen

Adding home accessories shouldn’t be limited to simply the bedroom or the living room. The kitchen is a space that can be instantly lifted by a few simple additions.

Luxury Doormats

When the doormat is the first thing your guests set eyes on, it shouldn’t be an area of your home that is overlooked. It may be where your guests wipe their shoes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a piece of added luxury in your home.

yellow hedgehog print on a navy background of a doormat

This whimsical Kissing Hedgehogs Coir Doormat is a heart warming addition to any home. Instantly bringing a smile to any guest who enters your door. As well as a welcoming feel for you anytime you return home. 

For a more classical and natural look, choose a style like this Natural Leaf Doormat.

a neutral leaf shade doormat in the entry of a door

This style is both practical and beautiful to look at. It is machine washable and durable to help trap dirt and dry muddy feet, to keep them out of your home.

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From bed sheets to doormats, home accessories are an easy way to bring a new and fresh feel to your home.

So what will you be bringing to your interiors? Let us know in the comments!