Autumn is for many people the season of colour. Although it’s true that summer brings with it plenty of bright shades, autumn has the enduring appeal because of the delicious browns, yellows, reds and oranges that are on display in the natural world.

The thing about the colours of autumn is that they are soothing and understated. They are wonderfully rich and have that burnt aspect that makes them terribly easy on the eye. When the colours around you turn autumnal, it’s hard to resist the temptation to see your interiors take the same route.

Rug designers know full well how great an impact autumnal shades have. Interior design is all about using colour correctly and what autumnal colour give you is a very tasteful treatment of some pretty dominant shades.

Take Woodstock rugs as an example of how designer rugs are done right by creative teams. They make perfect use of autumnal colours to produce rugs that are colourful and visually stunning but at the same time tastefully understated, allowing other design features to work alongside them rather than playing too dominant a role in terms of impressing their influence on the room.