The end of the summer has finally arrived and we’re starting to experience a change of fortune as far as the weather is concerned. Of course, people don’t tend to mind a colder autumn and winter as long as they get a decent summer and this year people in the UK have generally enjoyed great temperatures for the last weeks.

One thing people don’t look forward to in winter is the flu virus. In terms of rug care, it’s important that you do clean your rugs regularly to limit the chances of getting flu. This is because the flu virus can survive by getting trapped in carpet fibres. If you make sure your rugs are always clean then they’ll stay free of the flu virus and you’ll keep a healthy home.

This makes it easier and safer to stay indoors through the winter, enjoying the warm softness of wool rugs which really come into their own when the weather outside is ‘frightful’, as the song goes. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your wool rugs every couple of days and don’t be shy about having a rug professionally cleaned once in a while.