How To Make Your Home Extra Christmassy

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Believe it or not, it’s Christmas time already! The days are shorter, the weather is colder, and the classic tunes are on the radio. Christmas is just weeks away, and it’s not too late to add some new decorations to your home for the holidays.

One of the best parts of Christmas is the cheery, festive spirit that floats around your home. Around this time of year, everyone seems to be in joyful spirits and we here at The Rug Seller are no different!

In order to get the most out of this season, our guide will help you discover simple ways to add a festive look to your home. With our help, you’ll have a Christmas like no other!

To fully get the most out of the season, read our guide to discover simple ways to add a festive look to your home. With our help, you’ll have a Christmas like no other!

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Bring In Some Christmas Cushions

Adding in a festive cushion here or there is an easy and instant way to bring Christmas cheer to your home. Try incorporating a simple red cushion, or a luxe velvet for a festive feel.

If you want to go a step further, try something like this Sophie Allport Christmas Dog Cushion.

We adore the whimsical dog motifs that are chic yet seasonal. Find a playful dachshund and characterful cocker spaniel wearing adorable festive accessories, presented on a luxurious forest green cotton velvet ground.

If you’ve got a real life pooch, read our guide for how to get your pet christmas ready!

Make It Smell Nice With Scented Candles

christmas yankee scented candles

Candles are undoubtedly one of the best ways to set the mood over the holiday period. The aromatic scents of cinnamon, pine, and berries invoke the festive spirit into your home. Placing individual candles in your windows and around your home is the perfect way to create a cosy feel. Why not make these festive favourites a centrepiece in the middle of your table? For a more dramatic look, large groupings help make your arrangement look merry and bright – perfect for the holiday season!

Scents like pine, cranberry, cinnamon and apple pie remind us of Christmas and can add a subtle, yet magical touch. Scattering candles throughout your home helps to bring a sense of cosiness alongside Christmas ambience and nostalgia. Just the smell of mulled wine could send you back to a family Christmas party in your younger years!

Candles are also the perfect gift for a friend, family or even work secret santa. Find some more inspiration for gifting with our gift guide to help you find that special gift for the loved ones in your life.

Bring Some Festive Cheer To Your Bedroom

Christmas and winter means the home needs to be a cosy and warm place to escape to. Meaning, the cosiest room in your house should be shown some Christmas love. The bedroom is often an afterthought when it comes to decorating, but adding a touch here and there can help to brighten the whole house.

An easy way to do this is to get some festive bedding to bring in some Christmas feeling without having to overhaul your carefully decorated space.

Try a style like this Cath Kidston Shine Bright Christmas bedding set.

With a winterscape scene in classic Kidston style, this is a charming piece to warm up your room.

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Get Creative With Artificial Snow

fake snow on a christmas tree

fake snow on a large glass christmas window

Naturally, Christmas is the only time of year we’re supposed to see an abundance of snow. As this isn’t always the case, artificial snow is the perfect alternative!

While artificial snow isn’t essential, it will leave a little Christmas sparkle wherever it is placed. Apply liberally to bannisters, windows or your Christmas tree to achieve the Christmassy feel that is wholly independent of the real weather. Not to mention, this snow won’t melt!

Artificial snow is an excellent addition to your home, especially if you’ve got small children. Be creative and decorate your front garden with a light dusting of the artificial snow for a little extra winter flair this holiday season!

Greet People At Your Door With Christmas

While you might be focussing on how you can bring the indoor of your home into the festive period, there are many ways you might not think of to bring cheer to your outside.

We love using fairy lights to add a merry feel to our home, but why not go a step further with a festive doormat. Perfect to bring out each year, it will greet people with an instant Christmassy feeling from the moment they arrive at your home.

A style like this Merry Christmas Santa doormat will have everyone smiling!

The charming design plays “we wish you a Merry Christmas”, so it’s perfect for the whole of the festive season, perfect to add to doorways, kitchens and patios. With a touch activated sensor that sets off a light and sound display, your visitors will be wowed every time they knock on your door.

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Light Up Your Home with Fairy Lights

christmas fairy lights in a white open space home

One of the most popular types of Christmas decorations are Christmas lights (and for good reason). Driving around the neighbourhood and seeing the latest light displays is all part of the festive fun building up to the 25th of December. Christmas lights are a beautiful addition to any home exterior, but are arguably even more delightful when used inside!

Whether they’re wrapped around the tree, the bannister, or lining the windows, Christmas lights will bring a magical explosion of brightness wherever they’re used with a little added twinkle.

You can also use lights to decorate branches and large shrubs in an effort to make your garden extra merry and well lit. For a polished, more complete look, use hedge trimmers to make sure your shrubs are in tip-top shape before you start decorating them with lights!

Decorate Your Door with a Festive Wreath

christmas themed wreath hanging on a white door

Understandably, one of the most favoured Christmas decorations is the classic wreath. Due to its circular shape, the wreath represents eternity as it has no beginning and no end. From a Christian religious perspective, it represents an unending circle of life. The colour of evergreen is often used to symbolise growth and everlasting life.

Wreaths are usually placed on the front door of a home and are an excellent way to display your festivity as well as looking stylish. Since the front door is the first thing that friends, family or even carollers will encounter, it’s a vital opportunity to set the tone for the rest of their visit. Add a wreath to make your door stand out.

If you opt for an artificial wreath, you’ll be able to store it year after year. A natural one, on the other hand, will provide that distinctly Christmassy aroma of pine and holly. 

Do It Yourself Christmas Decorations (DIY)

diy christmas decorations

When it comes to Christmas cards, homemade ones are usually the best. They radiate a homely, personal feel that your loved ones will treasure year after year. The same thing stands when it comes to decorating your home. Whether it’s sticking a few candy canes around the house or making a Christmassy gingerbread house, DIY Christmas decorations will definitely bring a festive feel to your home.

Dressing up your home is an amazing way to prepare for the holidays. Not only is it a unique way to add Christmas spirit to your home, but they are just as easy as they are festive.

Let your creative instincts shine through as your mantels, stairwells, and tables come to holiday life. From your entryway to your dining table, creating your own DIY projects is ultimately a fun festive exercise for the family!

Touch Up With Tinsel

shiny tinsel on a stair Bannister

Without a doubt, tinsel is a classic Christmas decoration that is sure to get everyone in the mood for the festive season! Whether it’s wrapped around a Christmas tree, draped over windows, back of chairs or even wrapped around bannisters, it will bring an extra spark of festive decor anywhere it’s placed!

The shiny decoration is a festive favourite and it comes in many colours. Once used, you’ll be able to easily store it for next year which as a result of that means you won’t have to worry about buying it again!

Remember to make sure that your tinsel matches the colour scheme of the rest of your festive décor!

Hang Christmas Stockings Up

christmas stockings hanging on a mantelpiece

christmas stockings hanging on a mantelpiece

Get ready for Santa’s imminent arrival by hanging traditional stockings above the fire! Ultimately, the tradition behind stockings is thought to have originated from the tale based on Saint Nicholas. According to the story, he placed gold coins in the stockings of three poor sisters.

After leaving their stockings to dry over the fireplace, Saint Nicholas threw three bags of gold coins down the chimney as he was aware of the families financial difficulties and this money landed in the sisters’ stockings!

Whether you buy or DIY, Christmas stockings are sure to make you smile. The best thing about stockings is that they’re a timeless decoration so you can use them year after year. Embrace the Christmas spirit with Christmas stockings!

Sing Along to Christmas Tunes

the pogues christmas fairytale of new york singers

Above all, nothing says Christmas time more than the incessant loop of Christmas songs. To get into the festive mood, why not fill your home with festive music!? Due to the songs only being used at a certain time of year, they come packed with feelings of happiness and nostalgia and will likely help to boost your festive spirits!

Whether you prefer the classics such as White Christmas and Silent Night or you prefer the jovial reality of songs such as Fairytale of New York, Christmas songs are a MUST! Nothing completes a festive home more than the epic sound of Christmas music.

Without a doubt, creating a festive playlist will get everyone in the mood! If you haven’t got the time to search for your favourite songs, there are festive CDs or plenty of pre-made playlists on Spotify!

Make Use of Colours

christmas colours

christmas colours

If you love a traditional, old-world Christmas, you probably don’t even think about a colour scheme for your Christmas decorations. You’ll gather together everything with sentimental value, and find just the right place for it!

For the modern festive period, however, colour schemes are extremely important as they can be half of what makes the holiday so magical. There are a number of ways you can determine or choose a colour scheme you want to follow with your Christmas decorations.

Why not try applying a festive colour scheme to other elements of your interior? Christmas bedding is the perfect way to keep warm this winter with beautiful prints and colours reminiscent of the holidays. As a less permanent feature in your interior, it can be stored away in the warmer months and used again year after year.

The Shine Bright Christmas bedding by Cath Kidston is certain to transform your bedroom into a winter wonderland, gorgeously crafted with 200 thread count cotton that feels extra soft and cosy to sink into at the end of a long day, perfect for the holiday season.

Light Your Fire

christmas fireplace in a home

During the Christmas period, it’s inevitable that your home will become cold.  There’s no better way to keep it warm than lighting your fire. While this isn’t technically a decoration, a roaring fire is often associated with Christmas as they’re featured in most Christmas movies and even on some Christmas CD covers!

Make your fireplace the perfect welcoming place for Santa by hanging stockings, adding pine boughs to the mantel, lighting a fire (be sure to put it out on Christmas Eve!) and using larger holiday decorations around the fireplace.

Not only will a fire heat your home, but it will also make you feel cosier! There’s something very cosy and Christmassy about a roaring fire. If you don’t yet have a fireplace, or you’re thinking of investing in a fireplace this Christmas, discover our Fireplace Buying Guide here.

Keep Your Floors Warm with Rugs

Contrary to some peoples beliefs, you don’t always need to go overboard when putting up the Christmas decorations. While it’s nice to have everywhere covered in Christmas decorations, we’ve always thought that it is better to keep things simple.

With it getting colder, a stylish rug is an excellent way to keep you warm and cosy as well as bringing a dash of festive colouring into a room. Placing rugs in well-travelled, bare-floored spots in the home help rid icy toes. A rug is a brilliant decoration as it is one of the only pieces that you’ll be able to use throughout the rest of the year (if you get a coloured rug, not one with a festive design/pattern)!

Bring both warmth and comfort to a home interior with some of our favourite Christmas inspired rugs. There is nothing like sinking your toes into a shaggy rug and, with our Extravagance and Polar collections, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Display Your Christmas Cards

hanging christmas cards on a stairwell

If you have a lot of friends and family, it’s likely that you’ll get a lot of Christmas cards. While it’s nice to get so many cards, it’s often hard to find a place to put them. Rather than putting them in a drawer out of the way, put them on full display!

Sticking your Christmas cards on the mantlepiece might be the classic way to display them, but there are so many other ways you can showcase them! Why not try making a mobile to dangle them from the ceiling?

You could even tape some string up above a windowsill and weave it down the stairway bannister while proceeding to stick all of your Christmas cards onto them.  Additionally, small wooden pegs provide an extra homely feel that would go nicely alongside some tinsel!

Family Photos at Christmas

christmas decorations family photo

christmas decorations family photo

Family photos are something we all cherish and like to have on display all the time. There are many creative ways you can display your pictures this Christmas. 

If you like a bold and impactful look, opt for larger pictures. Besides being a wonderful wall piece, you will be reminded of your family’s bond over the festive period.

For a simpler look, hanging pictures on a line of string provides a free and simple ambience around your home. You should use clothespins in order to hang pictures on a line. 

Similarly, mixing them with prints of inspirational words or festive quotes helps create a stunning focal point in your home. There are solutions available for any taste and personality!

A Showstopping Christmas Tree

decorative christmas living room

Of course, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a sparkling tree standing proud in the corner of the living room! If you just get one decoration this Christmas, make it a tree.

An artificial tree will do a serviceable job, but a natural one offers aroma and charm. If you’d like to expand the festive feeling, then try to decorate the tree with the whole family! Decorating the tree together is far more family-friendly than doing it all by yourself.


For that extra Christmassy feel, why not introduce festive home accessories into your decor too?

Bring some extra holiday cheer to your doorstep with the playful Christmas Gingerbread Doormat. This sweet doormat is made from natural coir fabrics that can be used indoor or outdoor. Perfect for adding personality to porches and entrances throughout the holiday period.

Or why not wrap up in the beautiful Jay Fleece throw by Helena Springfield. As the nights grow colder, this stunning fleece creates a cosy atmosphere in your home. Featuring an upbeat design of birds in branches singing a cheery song.

For more fabulous home accessories, take a look at our gift guide here. We know it isn’t always easy deciding what to get for your nearest and dearest, that’s why we’ve put together a fabulous range of gifts to get your inspiration flowing. There is something for everyone – including those who are impossible to buy for!


christmas dog in a santa clause costume

Decorating a house for Christmas might seem like a chore rather than something fun, especially if you’ve only just moved in. With the right decorations and a bit of festive cheer, it can be easy to fill a house with Christmassy vibes without breaking the bank and without expending an enormous amount of time and effort in the process!

If you like any of our ideas or even have some of our own that you think we should add, let us know in the comments below!


So, what are you waiting for? Get those Christmassy purchases in now, and you’ll be able to make your home festive without any trouble at all!

What is your favourite Christmas Decoration for your home? Let us know in the comments below!


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