How To Decorate For A Football Fan

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Regardless of age or gender, if someone in your life has become football obsessed, this is the perfect bedroom choice. Football themed interiors are becoming more common for many reasons. Whether it’s ticket price rises or just the hectic nature of modern life, going to watch the game in a stadium isn’t always an option. And, catching the match at home on a flat screen TV isn’t quite like being there. But with some smart interior moves, you can feel closer to the action.

So, go a little football crazy with these cool ideas that definitely won’t prove to be a home goal.

Where to start decorating?

We thought we’d give you some ideas on how to have your own football themed interior! Whether you’re a Manchester United, City, Chelsea or an Arsenal fan – we have ideas on how to make any room look as football themed as possible.

boys football bedroom

There are a few things to take into consideration before starting such a project. For example, should you focus on a specific team or should it be a more general approach? And what are your options in terms of furniture and decorations?

Football Colour Scheme

When it comes to decorating your Football themed bedroom, the colour scheme of your themed room will probably pay homage to your favourite team. Whether a Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea or Everton fan, there is no question that there are specific well-known colours for team kits in the world of football.

red manchester united football interior

traditional green football themed bedroom

The fact that most teams rely upon one basic primary colour such as red or blue for their strip is partly a blessing and a curse. Some team colours will work better than others. So, if you are a supporter of a side that wears a really woeful colour combination, think about taking a few subtle cues rather than going for a full strip style decor.

subtler football themed bedroom with a football pitch wall

For a subtler look, it’s best to use a palette of two or three colours for the bedroom. If the colours are not appropriate for entire painted walls, consider a two-toned look. With a neutral colour at the top of the walls, a bold team colour at the bottom and a decorative rail dividing the two.

Other options include stripes created with painter’s tape or one accent wall in the bolder colour.

Football Accessories

Your football fan is going to feel like they have won the cup when you present them with these sports football clocks. Its monochrome design makes these clocks the perfect addition to any football themed bedroom. The perfect accessory for people that like football and these football sports clocks reminds us of the fun things in life. Time to Play! You can find these clocks here and here.


wall clock shaped like a football with cut out details an aston villa retro style strip clock


A football themed bedroom light will provide a unique and unusual accessory for your football themed bedroom. We guarantee this distinctive light switch will provide a great talking point and have friends begging their parents for one too!

green football themed bedroom light

Football Decor

Accent your home with football inspired pillows and make yourself the envy of the neighborhood. Whether representing your favourite football team or just representing a normal football. Incorporating football pillows to your bedroom decor will add a cool vibe to your bedroom. While also being the perfect complement to your bed!

football team pillows for a football themed bedroom

chelsea football cub pillow

Themed bedding and duvets should always be one of the first ports of call for those looking to theme a bedroom. Bright, vivid football designs look brilliant in both fully themed and more neutral bedrooms.

If you’re looking to create a fun and sporty bedroom, then this fabulous Football covered bed duvet is perfect! Especially for a football super fan who just eats, sleeps and breathes football. It also focuses on the game, not the team! We believe this bedding is great. It doesn’t go out of fashion if you change your favourite premier league team!

However, for a more minimal effect, you can opt for a footballer duvet blanket to feel like the star of the match at bedtime.


a black and white printed blanket minimal football style

Be an armchair fan with a football themed armchair and matching footstool. This armchair set is handmade in England, home of the best football team of all (yes well ok, it’s nice to dream!). And should they get excited watching their team score the winning goal, you don’t have to worry. It’s robustly made to stand up to the roughest of treatment, which is just as well!

armchair and footstool for a football themed bedroom

Football Flooring

If you want something in the room that is a bit more enjoyable and playful, try a fun rug. They can add some entertainment in your football themed bedroom. Providing the perfect football flooring takes some beating, and that’s exactly what you can achieve with one of our football rugs. These Football Pitch rugs feature a deep, soft, luxurious 100% Polypropylene pile. These rugs provide an important element of comfort and reassurance to a bedroom.

Football Pitch Rugs with playful green football pitch designs for decoration and play which will inspire and delight. They are great value for money and the pitch designs make them a popular choice for Football fans, you can find these rugs here.

For a real out there football theme…have you ever considered installing artificial grass to look like a replica of a football stadium? If you’d like to feel like you’re experiencing the reality of a football match, then this is the perfect thing!

Installing artificial grass is an excellent way to bring football into your bedroom and have space to even kick a ball around inside!

artificial grass inside a football themed bedroom

Football Wall Art

Football wall décor, stickers and borders are a favourite for decorating a themed bedroom. They quickly, easily and cheaply allow you to decorate the walls of a bedroom – without having to re-wallpaper every few months.

When it comes to wall posters, they are usually popular with younger fans who love to adorn their walls with multiple images! However, these footballer posters are the perfect wall decoration for all football fans. Whether your favourite player is Ronaldo, Hazard, Rooney or Neymar, there is a poster for them all!

Plus, if you’re not into posters of people, there are numerous posters of logos and team slogans as well, like this Liverpool poster below!

green football pitch rug from the rug seller

Brighten up any wall in your home with an easy to apply wall sticker. You’re sure to find a design suitable for any room in your home. Wall stickers are a great way to transform a bare wall and can be removed without damaging paintwork! These are pretty spectacular and certainly, have the WOW effect! A stunningly detailed picture that will transform your wall into a work of art. Find these wall stickers here and here.

A wall canvas makes a fantastic bedroom accessory and is sure to score a goal with your footie mad friends. Perfect as a way to show off your love for football and a subtle way to add to your football bedroom! Easy to move around and even remove if you don’t want it hung up on your bedroom wall anymore.

football wall art canvas


We hope we’ve inspired you into creating the perfect football-themed bedroom. Adding these playful accessories, furniture and decorations to your bedroom will help to bring out the love and joy you get from watching football.

So, what could be more fun than entering your very own world at night and waking up to your fantasy dream stadium every morning?


updated June 2021