A Marvel-ous Deadpool Décor Scheme

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Fan of motor-mouthed anti-hero Deadpool?  If you love comics and if you love Marvel, this is the right place to be!

Here’s how to master a Deadpool children’s bedroom for all those obsessed kids out there. If your kids are eager to add a little Deadpool fun to their bedroom décor, then make sure to look at these creative ideas that will add a touch of Deadpool without going totally overboard.

It is the perfect time to get started on creating the perfect Deadpool themed bedroom for your little ones… as Deadpool 2 is soon approaching! Read on and get inspired!

All About Deadpool

If you yourself have no idea who Deadpool is, then we’re here to give you that little bit of insight that you’re currently missing.

Deadpool, also known as Wade Wilson, has become a fan favourite because he’s, well, crazy. He often breaks the fourth wall, addressing the reader directly – even commenting on the fact that he’s a comic book character. He also engages in witty banter with the many voices inside his head. Mentally unstable, sure, but definitely fun.

Fresh from Marvel’s comic book world, this samurai-sword-wielding super hero stars in an upcoming blockbuster, in which he’s played by Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool Image Pointing To Himself

Out of all the superheroes, among the most intriguing and interesting characters would be Deadpool. The character has this mysteriousness about it that gives the character it’s popularity all over the world!

And the recent movie adaptations have pushed its popularity further. The character surely has come a long way. From being introduced a parody to being among the most popular characters the Marvel Universe have to offer.

Anyways… it is now time to create a Deadpool kid’s bedroom by transforming your child’s décor!

Deadpool Colour Scheme

Before you go online and buy every Deadpool bed set, night light and other bedroom related decor items. It is important to realise that your children’s taste is likely to change faster than you can imagine. By sticking with a colour theme, you can get the “Deadpool look” without overspending and having room to adapt it.

The colour palette is easy to follow to go with the easy and basic graphics of the game. To subtly create the look, focus on using shades of red and black to perfect a themed bedroom. The Deadpool suit colours… straightforward, eh?

This is a colour combination that stands the test of time, through trends and fads and colour ins-and-outs of the design timeline. Aesthetically powerful, with red’s association with fire and black’s dark, grounding force.

Deadpool Colour Theme Red and Black Gradient

Deadpool Accessories

Some ways to accessorise with these complementary colours is with something like these Deadpool related items below, which are sure to add a spark of colourful contrast!

You should provide several sources of light in your child’s bedroom – a bedside lamp, a floor lamp, or perhaps ceiling lighting. Light will illuminate the room perfectly and help their creativity and love for Deadpool flow into their dreams as they fall asleep.

Also, what’s the use of having a bedside lamp, if you don’t have a bedside cabinet to place it on? If you like simplicity and modernity, this is it! Nothing simpler than a plain red and black cabinet. It will match your child’s bedroom décor and will surely brighten it up.

If there ever was a clock for a Deadpool themed bedroom, it would look like this. Clocks look great when displayed on empty walls and there are lots of designs that are awesome at making rooms look complete. From a little desk clock to a stately grandfather clock and everywhere in between, a well-thought-out clock can provide the perfect accent piece.

Deadpool Bedroom Decor

A superhero themed bedroom is a dream of every Marvel fan. As their own little personal space, a marvel fans interests and passion can grow. So, having a Deadpool kid’s bedroom will only aid their love for this unique character. For some bedroom inspiration, have a look at these two pillows here and here. These are sure to immerse your child’s bedroom in cool accessories that they will love.

These pillows would be a fun addition to a room that can help with the colour scheme and theme stretch even further to the imaginary world of Deadpool. Especially, if you’re worried your child may grow out of them in a few years.

However, if you would like to launch your child into a Deadpool obsessed bedroom, why not try this bedroom set? This would be perfect for that super fan who just eats, sleeps and breathes Deadpool. If you’re looking to create a more minimal effect bedroom for your kid, opt for a simple red and black design duvet.

Deadpool Flooring

For a Deadpool room that is subtle but still packs a punch – accessories are key! And to perfect that accessorising for your kid’s bedroom, you can’t forget about the flooring! No matter if your kid’s bedroom has laminate or carpeted floors.

As seen below, Deadpool is stylishly laying on a bedroom rug that looks extremely cool. However, we know that would be a bit extreme to have in your little one’s bedroom. You could opt for a simpler alternative such as a Cowhide or Faux Fur Sheepskin rug.

Deadpool Laying on a Bear Rug Next to a Fireplace

Again, if your child is a mega-super fan of Deadpool… what is better than having Deadpool’s face on their floor to wake up to every morning. Pictured below, try these fabulous rugs to make your kid’s bedroom one step closer to being complete! Rug 1. Rug 2.

If you or your child would prefer something a bit more mature and subtle, try a fun rug that can remain in your child’s room long after this Deadpool craze passes. Our Noble House and Verona Collections are great for creating a focal point in a bedroom.

Funky and stylish, the unique pebble pattern is complemented by the grey colouration to make the contrasting bright red really pop. This Noble House rug would be the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom floor.

Also, this contemporary floral Verona rug in Black and Red features hand carving and offers high levels of practicality. It also emphasises the colour scheme in an easy way. Both these rugs are great value for money and their designs make them a popular choice for Deadpool fans!

Deadpool Seating

By choosing a few themed pieces, you can tie together the themed of the room while creating a comfy spot to relax or hang with friends. This Deadpool bean bag will serve as a funky addition to any setting. Which can be great as a bean bag chair or even a footstool.

There’s nowhere better for your kids to relax after a long day of school or being out and about than on a bean bag chair. It is the perfect accessory for a den, bedroom, or right inside the door where they can collapse on it when they get in. You can find this chair here.

Deadpool Wall Art

Fantastic for themed bedrooms, wall stickers are a great non-permanent way for your child to express their love for their favourite anti-villain Deadpool. Kids love superheroes and they will also love these wall decals.

Whether decorating a wall, hideaway, or evil lair, wall stickers are sure to add the missing oomph to a themed bedroom. We love these 2 designs and we’re sure your kids will like them also. Different to wallpaper, these stickers can be applied and removed with any damage to your walls or paint.

You can buy these wall decals here and here.

Deadpool Framed Pictures

teenager, why not try a framed image or canvas? Spruce up their bedroom with a fantastic collection of canvas, pictures, wall art etc.

This Deadpool inspired canvas will make your child’s life brighter! It almost looks as if it has been taken off the gallery wall. There’s no doubt this wall art will become the reason of many ‘wow’ comments right there at the spot.

Also, this print has a contemporary take on the charismatic Superhero character, which is sure to add some colour to the room. With its cool and funky design, it adds a fun statement on any wall.

Deadpool Posters

Decorate your child’s heroic or super villain hideout with some superhero posters. Behold the power!

With fun-packed posters, your child can build their very own world of fun with this super cool Deadpool poster. This poster is recreating the iconic flash dance water moment, but with bullets! Your child will have hours of endless adventure with this hanging in their bedroom.

Or for more of an art piece, opt for this action-packed poster with the man himself looking pretty tough. This poster is sure to bring your child’s bedroom to life. It’s a wonderfully fun and decorative way to brighten up this Deadpool inspired bedroom.

Deadpool Toys

As well as all these interior ideas, the easiest way to add some real Deadpool life into your child’s bedroom is with something like plush toys for that added edge and childlike feel to a carefully crafted kid’s bedroom. Find these and similar ones here.


There you have it, folks! Our ideas for creating the perfect bedroom for your superhero obsessed children. Decorating your child’s room should be a fun experience – for all parties involved. We hope we’ve inspired you into creating the perfect Deadpool kid’s bedroom for your child.

What are your favourite items, or what would you change?

Also, do you have a character that you would like to see in another Superhero décor post?

Feel free to comment below and let me know, and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends too!

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