Here, at The Rug Seller, we pride ourselves on the vast range of beautiful and elegant rugs we have available. Ranging in price, texture, colour and size, we guarantee that there is a rug in our collection that is perfect for everyone. Depending on your taste, the size of your room or the theme in which you are going for, we’re here to bring a touch of style, creativity and imagination into your home.

Ready, Set, Glow!

Childrens Glowy Rugs 3097 52 Dolphin kids rug


If you are looking for something fun and different to add to your child’s room, why not look at our kids range? These playful rugs come in a variety of themes such as animals and castles to suit boys and girls of all ages.

One option may be a glow in the dark rug from our Playful range. These make for a calming environment in the evening and a fun and bold one during the daytime. With this kind of versatility, we think you can really enjoy the numerous benefits from a cool glow in the dark rug.

Our Colorama Educational Rugs provide your child with a variety of brain stimulating activities including clocks, alphabets and a weather wheel, which are ideal for primary schools, nurseries or in your infant’s bedroom. The vibrant colours and bold designs make for fun and active learning, whilst providing a jazzy, decorative piece of furniture. These rugs have the ability to give a room a different mood, whilst providing your child with the best possible tools to be educated in the comfort of their own home.

We don’t want our rugs to just do exactly what it says on the tin. We strive to give you so much more for your money and feel that with our diverse range we can help you choose the right rug to create a playful environment for you child. Whether you want to just add some colour and animation to the room or you want your child to have an interactive rug full of fun things to learn, here at The Rug Seller, we can satisfy your needs.

Add Some Personality To Your Room

Plain Rugs collection

Plain Rugs collection From The Rug Seller

A rug can give your room instant character. It’s just about knowing which one to go for and how it’s going to fit in well with the other features in that room. It can bring a plain room to life by adding personality, or it can enhance an already detailed room. Such a simple addition, yet it has the ability to change the entire way a room can look in an instant. Try experimenting and consider a few different options before committing to anything.

The great thing about interior design is that you can style your room any way you choose. It’s a fantastic way to express your own characteristics through different fabrics, styles and patterns to get the right one that will be a perfect personality match.

People tend to opt for neutral colours and plain patterns when it comes to interior design because it’s safe or it’s easier to find things that match when it comes to accessorising, but with our wide range of rugs to choose from, we encourage you to break the norm and consider something a little more daring and different.

Check out our Designer Rugs for a variety of unique and colourful designs for a mixture of prices.


Before Purchasing Your Rug

Maybe you’re unsure as to what kind of rug you are looking for, or perhaps you have something in mind but you just don’t know if it will work in practice. Whatever your situation, we’d like to think that with our vibrant designs and passion for quality, we can provide you with a purchase that is excellent value for money that will leave you feeling proud.

When buying a rug, we think there are some really important things to consider. What room are you looking to place your new rug in? Are you looking for something flamboyant and grand or something a little more minimalistic? Your rug is going to become a focal part of your home’s interior and will be admired by the many visitors you have coming through your door, so it’s crucial to learn everything you need to know. Whilst your rug’s aesthetic quality is important, it’s not the only thing that needs to be taken into account.

Have a look at our Rug Care section for top tips on how to maintain the quality of your rug, from cleaning to anti-slip devices, we encourage you to take advantage of our services.

Important things to consider when buying a rug:

–          What size should you go for?

–          What kind of colour are you looking for?

–          Does the fabric of your rug match the rest of the room’s interior design?

–          Which room do you want your rug to go in?

–          Will your rug match other elements of your room?

–          How can you maintain your rug’s quality?

Visit our website for our full range of rugs at The Rug Seller and contact us for any enquiries you wish to make. Remember, your rug represents you so have a play around with how you can add a splash of imagination to your room and don’t be afraid to get creative.