No matter how big your home is, sometimes it can seem like there’s never enough space. If this is you, you may have started brainstorming some home storage ideas so you can smartly store your belongings around your home without it feeling cluttered. The good news is that storage doesn’t have to be boring, and by thinking outside the box (pun wholeheartedly intended) it can add an edge to your home interior and make a bold statement to all your visitors.

Creative Home Storage Ideas

Although we’ve previously provided interior design ideas in a past blog post, effective home storage ideas can help your interior to look much less cluttered and more spacious. Not only that, but storage options can also help to enhance the look of your home interior. Below we’ve got a few fun and quirky home storage ideas for storing your belongings in a unique way:

Reach For The Sky

Home Interior With Library
If you’ve got high ceilings, chances are there’s a lot of space you’re not utilising so creative home storage ideas could help to make sure you maximise use of this space. One way to take advantage of the extra height is to use shelving storage that reaches from floor to ceiling – not only does this grabs visitors attention but if you’re using the space for books it gives your home interior the look of a classic library. What’s more, you can take that a step further by also investing in a rolling-ladder to reach the top shelf.

Think Practical

Home Interior With Rug And Chest

If you call a one bedroom flat your home then you’ll understand that space is a premium. This means that you really have to think smart about what goes where and how you best utilise the available space in your home interior. While George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces on Channel 4 provides great inspiration for home storage ideas and making the most of your living area, you don’t have to go to these lengths. Something as simple as a cool antique chest can function both as storage and a coffee table in your living room if need be, providing a home for anything from books and DVD’s to cushions and blankets – just make sure to place on top of a large or modern rug if you have laminate or wood flooring to avoid any damage.

Create Divisions

Studio Flat Storage Ideas

If your living space is open plan, then shelving can be a great and practical way of blocking off space to create different ‘areas’ in your studio flat. Open shelving instead of solid-backed units allows light to hit every area of your room to ensure that your space still appears large without being cloistered off. Another of the great home storage ideas with this section is to fix wheels to the bottom of the shelving units so that you can manoeuvre them around the flat to switch things around or open the area fully up if you’re hosting a party or get together.

When researching this article, we found some of the most fun, smart and functional home storage ideas on Homesthetics. A few of our favourites included:

Stair Storage

home storage ideas storage under the stairs
Forget your cupboard under the stairs being a dumping ground (or bedroom for Harry Potter), this unique approach takes under-the-stairs-storage to a whole new level, with the traditional space converted into a variety of drawers and cubbyholes. These are perfect for storing things you may need to hand, but don’t necessarily want on display.

Functional Furnishings

home storage ideas functional furnishing
This kitchen cubbyhole is perfect for smartly storing spices, sauces and spaghetti and what’s more, by using the furnishings of the kitchen, it fits in seamlessly and looks the part too. This gives the storage space a real hidden-gem appeal and what’s more frees up lots of counter-space for cooking.

These are just a few practical and inventive home storage ideas to help you make the most of your space and give your home interior an edge. We’d love to see how you creatively utilise space in your home interior, so why not share your pics on our social media channels to show us how your home storage ideas have helped to declutter and enhance the look of your home.