A lot of interior designers and home owners like the idea of using natural rugs around the house for a couple of different reasons. First of all, natural rugs are very stylish in a nice and simple way – they definitely adhere to cool and contemporary ways of decorating the home. Secondly, natural fibre rugs are eco-friendly and help home owners make a statement about how important they consider the environment.

The one thing that makes home owners think twice about going for natural rugs is the fact that they rely on textiles to introduce colour to their interiors. They don’t want to sacrifice the colourful accent rugs supply and mistakenly imagine that natural fibre rugs are only available in neutral tones, like browns and greys.

In actual fact, natural rugs are available in coloured varieties. Take jute rugs, for example. They are often coloured for effect. The same is true of hemp rugs which can be found in multi-coloured styles with stripes and other patterns to lift their appeal. So, with a little research shopper’s instinct for choice, it’s possible to get your hands on eco-friendly, stylish natural rugs that contribute a great deal in terms of colour and vitality.