If your sitting room opens up onto the garden it’s nice to have a proper transition between the two – a practical spot indoors that leads onto the patio or decking that is comfortable underfoot. This is what people often use rugs for. The best rugs to use here are those that contribute great design to the sitting area and that project their influence out into the garden with their bright colours.

Modern rugs can be laid just inside a set of French doors or inside the room before your garden step, thereby creating a nice little flourish at just the right point – a comfortable surface to stand on when the shoes come off and you are ready to relax indoors after spending time outside.

The same sort of arrangement can be set up in bedrooms or in flats where the outdoor space is actually a terrace or a balcony rather than a garden per se. The key is to opt for a rug with an enticing texture, so check out the synthetic options as well as the wool rugs out there – but remember that colour is important if you want your rugs to look great from outside looking in.