Your child’s bedroom should be their special little haven whether it is for playing, sleeping or just relaxing. Luckily, a huge budget is not necessary to create a wonderful space for your child. With just a little know-how, your child’s bedroom can be transformed into a place that they love to spend time in; that they know is just for them. What’s more, it only takes a few small things to truly enhance a child’s bedroom, making it unique and inspirational and our range of children’s rugs certainly do that.


An important thing to consider when decorating your child’s room is the theme, and by sticking to one specific theme throughout the space will ensure continuity in colour and design.

A themed bedroom does not need to cost a fortune though, and it can be really simple and affordable. Make sure you pick a colour scheme and add a few simple well-coordinated items to create a space that is fun for your child’s particular interests. For example, children’s rugs can be an excellent focal point for even the most neutral of rooms. Whether it is a brightly coloured rug that fills the whole room, or a large neutral rug in the middle of a light and airy room, a rug is a wonderful way to make a child’s room feel comfortable and fun.


A cute character rug, such as a teddy bear, fluffy duck or a cheeky monkey fit in with popular styles in a younger child’s room. Superhero character rugs are sure to please any young fan, so these can be a great addition for them to show off to their friends.

For a toddler’s room, a large alphabet rug is not only fun, but also educational. A large rug with big colourful letters can make a lovely place for children to sit and play. Additionally, finding toys to match each letter and allowing them to place the toys on the corresponding letter on the rug can be a great way to teach them the alphabet.

For the most girly of girls, you could choose a lovely bright pink love heart rug, a gorgeous, vibrant butterfly, or one with pretty flowers on. For a boy, whether it be an obsession with cars, dinosaurs, animals or rockets, a rug following that theme will make would make a space of their own for them to be proud of.

A child’s rug or play mat can provide lots fun and comfort to a child of any age, whatever their interests. Choosing the right rug for your child’s room will capture their imagination and encourage them to spend quality time playing and relaxing within their very own unique, special space.­

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