If you have a bit of space in your bedroom then it’s wise to use rugs as a means of keeping that space comfortable. Most rooms are of a more or less rectangular shape and this often means that when a bed is installed there’s a bit of extra space either to the side of the bed or at the end of the bed. The bed itself looks homely and comfortable thanks to nice bedding, but what of the open spaces?

These can look a bit featureless and boring. In order to smarten them up and bit, a lot of people choose nice rugs to bring some sense of style (naturally they pick a style that goes with the style of their bedding or vice versa – as long as the bed and the rugs match it doesn’t matter which is the more influential initially).

However, not all rugs look great in bedrooms. More formal styles can look a bit too, well, formal for a room that’s all about comfort and warmth. Instead, it may be better to look at more luxurious rugs that are slightly more casual in their agenda. Shaggy rugs certainly come to mind, but other modern rugs work well too.