A loft conversion can be one of the most attractive rooms in the house as long as it is decorated in a nice way. The fact is that the loft conversion is in the ideal position to look great. It is usually exposed to plenty of natural light from windows or skylights right at the top of the house, unobstructed by other buildings and trees, and there tends to be plenty of room.

Sloping ceilings give loft conversions a bit of added character too. But how do you get the most from those surroundings and really maximise the style potential of these spaces? A lot of it can be done with modern or traditional rugs. Colourful and stylish rugs are fantastic because they take the pressure off other parts of the room when it comes to providing stylish touches.

Colourful patterned rugs mean you can leave the walls and ceilings tastefully understated and neutral. You can use neutral hardwood or laminate flooring and you can rely on your rugs to provide colour, texture and character – everything that is needed to make a space that much more attractive and comfortable.