After a long, cold winter – longer days and brighter skies are only something to be positive about. So why not bring some of that seasonal joy inside, with some simple floral accessories.

We’ve put together some of our top picks for home accessories with floral prints from large, open blooms to delicate and intricate patterns.

Floral Bedding

When it comes to a space that should be reinvigorated during the seasons change, the bedroom should be a main focus.

The warmer weather and sunnier days mean you move from cosy, darker spaces to wanting an open and bright space. So open up you windows, and get the spring cleaning started.

For an instant way to reimagine your bedroom space, is to bring in some floral accessories. The main focus of a bedroom is, obviously, the bed. So be bold with your bedding choices and bring in some bold colours, shapes and prints.

We adore this Kienze Bedding Set with the large, blooming florals bringing pattern but in a minimal way. 

Floral accessories in a floral bedding set with large white flowers on a navy background in a bedroom

If florals seem a bit too garish for you, this is a perfect in between option. To help bring in the change of season, without clashing with your current interior.

Floral Rugs

It might seem a bit daring to opt for a floral rug, but choosing a style that complements your current interior can really brighten up a space.

A floral rug works wonderfully in a space that is minimal and using simple colour palettes. Opt for a rug that incorporates shades that you already have in your interior space. This will help to create cohesion and will make the rug marry with your current decor.

A floral rug is a great way to add some seasonal colour and print, where you can easily switch the style out when it comes to the winter season.

This Rose & Peony rug by Sanderson is the epitome of springtime joy.

rose and peony floral rug in a conservatory with lots of plants

Featuring a beautifully bold floral print, this mix of colours creates a wonderfully maximalist piece for your home. Beyond it being beautiful to look at, this rug is also 100% wool yarn and offers a thick and luxurious pile.

Style this in a room full of colour, matching the tones and hues to what is in the rug. Let this rug be the statement of the room, and build your accessories out around this piece.

Floral Cushions

If a whole room change up is a bit more than what you wanted to achieve, you can easily bring in smaller floral accessories to add an element of the summer that is a bit more subtle.

A wonderfully easy way to do this, is to use cushions to change up an interior space. They add comfort, soften a space and give you a lot of options to bring in new textures and prints. Including floral prints.

Cushions are a great contrasting piece, and can be very effective by using clashing and irregular pieces together.

For a classic take on a floral print, try something like this Morris & Co Seasons cushion.

three cushions piled on top of each other in a close shot

The embroidered pattern adds interest to the intricate design, while the repeating pattern is in a tapestry style with fluid like movement. 

Pair this piece with other Morris & Co cushions, as his distinctive textile styles complement each other very well. Like in the image above, opt for different shades and colours that can bring added interest to your home.

Floral Curtains

There’s no better way to wake up than to see the sunshine of a summer day peeping through your curtains.

Switching to a lighter shade of curtain can be a great way to bring an airy quality to a space once the seasons start to change. Bringing in floral accessories in the form of curtains can instantly switch up your interior.

When it comes to floral prints, few do it as well as the iconic Cath Kidston designs. Try the Garden Rose floral curtains by Cath Kidston for a classic take on floral accessories.

a brightly lit window with cath kidston floral curtains in a front room

With a quintessentially English rose garden feel, these curtains will instantly bring a seasonal change to your front room, bedroom or dining room. With a simple colour palette, work with soft buttery creams and blushing pinks and roses to complement the piece.

This style is crafted from 100% cotton, with a heavy lining to ensure you won’t be woken up by any early rays of sunshine.

Floral Towels

When it comes to more practical spaces, such as the kitchen or the bathroom, they can often be overlooked when it comes to accessories.

An interior of a bathroom can often be completely changed with a few small additions. Breathe some fresh air and colour into your bathroom spaces with a splash of colour from a floral towel.

Similarly to cushions, adding a statement towel with a bold print is an easy addition that can be hugely effective. It can help to bring in design, style and texture. Something that can sometimes be missing in bathroom spaces.

Try something along the lines of this Freston Rose Floral Towel, by the iconic Cath Kidston.

a cut out image of the freston rose towel

The large, blooming print brings simple pink hues into a space, without overwhelming or bringing a busy print to a room. Create a cohesive pop of design into your bathroom by investing in the set with a bath and hand towel.


So will you be bringing a floral motif or two into your home this summertime? Let us know in the comments!

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